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December Drollerie Blog Tour: Imogen Howson on Hades and Persephone

Those of you who know about my completed but unpublished novels will know I’ve got Queen of Souls, a Persephone and Hades story on the queue to be edited into queryable shape. So it should surprise none of you that I’m quite interested in checking out Frayed Tapestry, by my fellow Drollerie author Imogen Howson. In fact, as the cool kids like to say, her post for this month’s Drollerie Blog Tour, on the topic of dangerous writing, is Relevant to My Interests indeed.

Check it out, folks! Here’s what Imogen’s got to say.

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And now, the October 2009 Drollerie Blog Tour

We had a bit of server trouble on this evening, so this is a mirror copy of this month’s blog tour post! Enjoy, all!

Hey all, and welcome to the October 2009 edition of the Drollerie Blog Tour! This month’s theme is the lesser-known holiday of Sweetest Day, and we’re taking the opportunity to touch upon the general theme of what the day stands for: those who are encouraging to us. Some of us will be addressing this in terms of our writing, and others? It’ll be our characters.

And without further ado…

Sarah Avery is hosting Heather Ingemar’s post about how her first writing mentor helped her get serious

Nora Fleischer has my own little character vignette about a moment of encouragement in the early life of my heroine from Faerie Blood

On Meredith Holmes’ blog, Heather Parker talks about how a pair of cats and one well-timed remark from her husband gave rise to Middlewitch

Jessica Howe has a guest post from John Rosenman, who wants to give credit to several people who have helped his writing career

Imogen Howson is hosting Catherine Schaff-Stump, who describes her reaction to Sweetest Day

Heather Ingemar has a visit from Fraser Sherman, who sings the praises of people who may surprise you–or not, if you’re a writer yourself

I’ve got Sarah Avery, who tells us about one of the nicest things her husband ever did to assist her writing

At Heather Parker’s blog, Nora Fleischer gives thanks to the first author who ever gave real praise to her work

John Rosenman hosts Meredith Holmes, who thanks several people important to her and her writing efforts

Catherine Schaff-Stump has a post from Jessica Howe, who wants to tell us about the land where her muse has gone to play

And last but not least, Fraser Sherman hosts hosts Heather Ingemar, who finds that Sweetest Day has something in common with her own writing efforts

Thanks again all for reading all our posts. Which, we daresay, is all part of the theme this month!

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Drollerie Blog Tour: Sarah Avery on the Sweetest Day

Hey there all, it’s Drollerie Blog Tour day again, and this time around we’ve chosen as our theme an October holiday. No no, not the one you’re thinking of; we’re writing about Sweetest Day, and by extension, people who have been helpful, kind, or encouraging to us about our writing, or as the case may be, to our various characters.

I’m hosting the inimitable this time around, and without further ado, I shall turn the floor over to her!

The living room looked as if a Babies-R-Us had exploded in it. On the dining table, three baskets of clean laundry waited for someone to fold them. The kitchen floor was still smeared with finger paint, how many days after the painting incident? We weren’t really sure anymore. And our son wanted to experiment with the potty, which meant somebody would have to spend the next hour reading him those same damn potty training picture books. Between my students’ return from vacation, Dan’s work deadlines, and Gareth’s obsession with wearing big-boy underpants, we had completely lost our grip on the chores.

It was the fourth night in a row that I’d planned to get out of the house and write, only to conclude I had no right to the time. Yet again, I rolled up my sleeves and headed for the sink. The pile of dishes threatened to topple down onto the counter at any moment.

“Go write,” said Dan. “I’ve got it under control.”

I couldn’t help laughing. “Under control?”

“All right, nothing is under control. Go write anyway.” He picked up the picture books I could not stand to look at one more time that day. “Gareth, give Mommy a good-night hug. She needs to go to work now. Sarah, I don’t want to see you back here until they close up at Barnes & Noble.”

Nothing was under control, of course. Three hours later, I came home to a house Dan had been working on ceaselessly since the moment he tucked our son into his crib, and the place still looked like it merited a visit from a reality television crew from the Home and Garden network. It’s amazing how effort disappears into the vortex of parenthood.

I’d written my five hundred words, like a person or something, like a writer, like the self I remembered being. It was the sweetest day.

Many thanks to Sarah for sharing this lovely moment with us! And if you’d like to continue checking out the blog tour posts, go visit Heather Parker and check out Nora Fleischer’s post there!

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Drollerie Blog Tour master post + next chat!

Hey there all, you may have seen my earlier posts today for the Drollerie Blog Tour, from Rachel Olivier and Elisa Diehl–and if you didn’t, you should go read them! We’re talking about music this time around and they’ve got good thoughts to share.

And if you’d like to sample the entire Drollerie Blog Tour for the month, you can do so right over here on the main Drollerie site.

If that’s not enough Drollerie goodness for you, you can come by on Sunday the 27th at 4pm Eastern time, 1pm Pacific for our next Drollerie Press chat, too! It’s very laid back and casual and we’d love to see some new faces show up, so consider popping by to say hi and tell us what you think of music in writing, of your favorite zombie books, of the superpowers of David Bowie, or any other topic your little heart desires.

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Drollerie Blog Tour: E. G. Diehl on music

And here, y’all, is my second guest for the September Drollerie Blog Tour. On the theme of “music”, E. G. Diehl has come by to share with you her musical background–which, I’ve got to say, is impressive!–and how music will be showing up in her forthcoming Drollerie Press works.

Elisa lives over here and is doing a post exchange with me this month for the tour! Peek behind the fold for her post, and when you’re done with that, go say hi to her at her place, and check out what I’ve got to say about Faerie Blood‘s playlist!

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Drollerie Blog Tour: Rachel Olivier on music

Greetings all and welcome to the September Drollerie Blog Tour. Our theme is “music”, and Rachel Olivier is the first of the two guests I’ll be hosting for this round. Rachel is a writer, copyeditor, and proofreader with Putt Putt Productions, and keeps a blog over here.

Peek behind the fold to see what Rachel’s got to share about how music has influenced her life and her writing!

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Drollerie Press, Site Updates

Meanwhile, a quick site update

For those of you who might be paying attention, I took a little time to update most of the pages on the site tonight, to properly reflect recent developments in Faerie Blood‘s purchasability (i.e., holy crap you can actually buy my book on Amazon now!). I also updated my Contact page to point off to my personal non-writing blog,, and to mention the various LJ-like sites that this blog and both mirror to.

And, I added in the missing June and July Drollerie Blog Tour links on the Extras page. Speaking of which, there will be no Drollerie Blog Tour this month since I do have a deadline I’m trying to hit. However, my fellow Drollerie author Rachael de Vienne, who wrote Pixie Warrior, is hosting a couple of guest posts that you might enjoy, so go check her out. She also posts lots of lovely old vintage photos as well, which are fun.

The Blog Tour will resume as normal in September, and with a topic that is of course near and dear to my heart: music. All y’all who’ve read Faerie Blood, if you have any requests for music-themed character vignettes or specific characters you’d like to see show up in same, drop a comment and let me know!