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Drollerie Blog Tour master post + next chat!

Hey there all, you may have seen my earlier posts today for the Drollerie Blog Tour, from Rachel Olivier and Elisa Diehl–and if you didn’t, you should go read them! We’re talking about music this time around and they’ve got good thoughts to share.

And if you’d like to sample the entire Drollerie Blog Tour for the month, you can do so right over here on the main Drollerie site.

If that’s not enough Drollerie goodness for you, you can come by on Sunday the 27th at 4pm Eastern time, 1pm Pacific for our next Drollerie Press chat, too! It’s very laid back and casual and we’d love to see some new faces show up, so consider popping by to say hi and tell us what you think of music in writing, of your favorite zombie books, of the superpowers of David Bowie, or any other topic your little heart desires.

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