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Meanwhile, a quick site update

For those of you who might be paying attention, I took a little time to update most of the pages on the site tonight, to properly reflect recent developments in Faerie Blood‘s purchasability (i.e., holy crap you can actually buy my book on Amazon now!). I also updated my Contact page to point off to my personal non-writing blog, annathepiper.org, and to mention the various LJ-like sites that this blog and annathepiper.org both mirror to.

And, I added in the missing June and July Drollerie Blog Tour links on the Extras page. Speaking of which, there will be no Drollerie Blog Tour this month since I do have a deadline I’m trying to hit. However, my fellow Drollerie author Rachael de Vienne, who wrote Pixie Warrior, is hosting a couple of guest posts that you might enjoy, so go check her out. She also posts lots of lovely old vintage photos as well, which are fun.

The Blog Tour will resume as normal in September, and with a topic that is of course near and dear to my heart: music. All y’all who’ve read Faerie Blood, if you have any requests for music-themed character vignettes or specific characters you’d like to see show up in same, drop a comment and let me know!

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