Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Time for another Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale in honor of Orycon!

Dara and I are heading to Orycon in another couple of weeks! And as I’ve done at Norwescon and Worldcon this year, I’ll be contributing books to sell at the NIWA table.

WHICH MEANS: it’s time for another convention deal!

The ebooks of both Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are back on sale for 99 cents each. ALSO: since I’ll be doing this deal at the convention, I’ll extend it to online purchasers as well. Since the print copies of these two books normally sell for $15 each, if you buy them both together, you can have ’em for $25!

These prices are in effect until December 1st. Mostly this sale is in honor of Orycon, but also because Thanksgiving is coming up, so I thought hey, I’ll keep the sale going till Cyber Monday!

For the ebooks, the 99 price point is in effect now on all major platforms where I sell ebooks. Click over to the Faerie Blood or Bone Walker pages and hit the “Buy The Book” buttons to see the major places in question.

If you want the print editions, head over to my Square marketplace and click down to the ‘Paperbacks’ section. The bundle is the third option in that part of the page.

As always, shoot me questions if you have ’em! And spread the word!

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