Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood now on more iTunes stores + print copy status!

I got asked to deploy Faerie Blood to the Norwegian iTunes store today, so I have gone ahead and done that! And because I could, I also deployed to the Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Ireland iTunes stores. I will keep adding new iTunes stores by request if people want ’em, so if I don’t have your country covered yet, by all means, folks, talk to me! I have updated the Faerie Blood page with the new direct iTunes links.

Meanwhile, a new confirmed Paypal sale means I have 14 copies left for general sale out of the first print run. I have a total of ten open requests for copies, for which I have not yet received actual payment–but I will continue to give priority to paying customers. So if you want a copy, please do pay me sooner rather than later, to guarantee you’ll get one out of this first batch! If you don’t make this batch and you still want one anyway, also let me know about that so that I can start getting an estimate of how many I’ll need for a second print run.

And don’t forget, you guys–I also have two print copies (as well as two ebook copies) up for grabs in the still-open Faerie Blood giveaway! I have a nice little number of entries in that now, but do please keep spreading the word, and do keep those entries coming! The entry pool’s still pretty small, though, so if you jump in, your chances ARE good right now!

Any questions, give me a shout!

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