Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood on the Kobo store, reported typos, and bonus bouzouki pics!

In the interests of further updates about my self-pub situation, I report that Smashwords has finally approved me for ‘premium’ status in their catalogue, which means they’ll deploy me out to other sites for which they function as an aggregator. I was going to use this as a means to get onto Kobo, except that Kobo’s new “Writing Life” program has finally gone live!

And so now I’m working with the Kobo site directly, similarly to how I’m working with Amazon and iTunes and B&N. For those of you out there who have Kobo readers of any stripe, you can now buy Faerie Blood for the Kobo right over here! I particularly like how the site hooks up to Goodreads–if you scroll the page down, you’ll see the Goodreads reviews for the book down at the bottom. I got that to work by making sure Goodreads had a record for the new ebook edition, using the same ISBN. Nifty, huh?

Meanwhile, speaking of Faerie Blood, one of my sharp-eyed Kickstarter backers (who happens to also be one of my coworkers) reported a typo in the book that I hadn’t caught AT ALL before the Second Edition was deployed! And in fact, this typo dates all the way back to the Drollerie Edition, so it hadn’t gotten caught then either! The typo is a misspelling of the name of the demon Azganaroth–in one part of the chapter, there’s an extra ‘a’ in there, so it comes out as ‘Azganaraoth’ instead. Oops. *^_^*;; I will be fixing this ASAP for the electronic editions, as well as for the second print run of the book. Those of you who have first run print copies, or who will be shortly getting them, you get to have a unique typo in your copies!

(All print copies have now been mailed out to Kickstarter backers, minus the ones I’m hand-delivering! All copies going to people who have directly bought from me should be going out by the end of this week as well.)

Naturally, I promptly signed my coworker’s copy because people who report typos to me get their books signed. New rule! And he’s volunteered to beta read for Bone Walker. I will be taking him up on that, because clearly, I need him!

Also! My aforementioned coworker/backer was curious about Christopher’s bouzouki in Faerie Blood, so just in case any of the rest of you are also curious about what a bouzouki looks like, you can find an excellent picture of one right over here. This is the photo page on the website of Le Vent du Nord, and in the first album of photos on that link, you’ll find a picture of their guitarist/bouzouki player. Christopher’s bouzouki looks a lot like Simon Beaudry’s, except maybe a little darker. And while I have yet to inspect M. Beaudry’s bouzouki up close, I’m pretty sure his doesn’t have an inscription in Gaelic. 😉

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