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Announcing a Faerie Blood giveway!

Happy July 4th, (American portion of the) Internets! Because it’s the Day of Things Exploding, and it’s generally a good day for bright shiny things, and because that the second edition of Faerie Blood has been released out into the world, I feel now is an excellent time to run me a contest for the book! I’m going to give away two print copies AND two ebook copies. Yes folks, that’s a total of FOUR. Because this book is mine mine mine, and because I CAN. But y’all are going to have to work for ’em!

Here are the rules!

I will be running this giveaway for the next two weeks, starting today, ending July 18th. Winners of print copies, if local to me, will have their copies hand-delivered to them before I leave on my Canada vacation on July 23rd. Winners of print copies NOT local to me will have them mailed off before that same date. Winners of ebook copies will have the option of any or all of the formats created for my Kickstarter backers (EPUB, PDF, or MOBI).

I will announce winners on July 19th. Winners of print copies not local to me will need to provide me their snailmail addresses at that time. Winners of ebook copies will need to specify what format they want (or if they want all of them), and give me a valid email address to which to send the book. Info will need to be provided within 48 hours of the contest winner announcement, or else I’ll draw a different winner from the contest pool!

Winners of print copies, your print copies WILL be signed. You will need to tell me whether to sign them for you or to someone else, if you want to give the book to a friend or family member! If you want to give an ebook copy to somebody else, you can do that too!

And here’s what you need to do!

At bare minimum, you should drop a comment on this post (either the original post on angelakorrati.com, or its mirrors on LJ or Dreamwidth) and I will add you to the random pool of names from which I’ll draw.

If you do any of the following actions, I will give you an extra entry in the random pool, which will up your chances of winning. If I don’t actually see you doing this because I don’t follow you on the pertinent network, provide me a link or a screenshot by way of evidence! And yes, if you do more than one of these activities, you will get a chance for every activity you do.

  • Tweet the contest link on Twitter
  • Share the contest link on Facebook or Google+
  • Reblog the contest post on Tumblr
  • Post about the giveaway on your own blog or journal
  • Post a review of Faerie Blood on your own blog or journal
  • Rate and/or review Faerie Blood on any of the following: Amazon, B&N, the iBookstore, Smashwords, Goodreads

For extra bonus chances to win, if you do anything creative pertaining to Faerie Blood and this contest, that will win you FIVE extra entries in the draw! ‘Anything creative’ includes but is not limited to:

  • Comments on contest posts that eloquently pitch why you MUST have a copy of this book, even if you already have one. But you have to be extremely eloquent. Make your argument count!
  • Sketches/artwork of any characters in the cast or situation in the book!
  • Filk lyrics pertinent to any character or situation in the cast, or the Warder universe in general!
  • Poetry! I am partial to haikus and sonnets.
  • Fic of any length clearly set in the Warder universe–does not need to involve the Faerie Blood cast! (Note: keep it rated PG-13, please, in keeping with the overall style of the novel.)
  • Surprise me! But remember, it’s GOT to be an creative activity. Sculpture in LEGOS! Cake! Knitting! Whatever it is, you have to make something, and it’s got to be pertinent to Faerie Blood and/or the Warder universe.

Any act of creativity must be posted somewhere I can see it, and you will need to provide me a link to it in the comments of the contest post or of its mirrors. And since the creative activities are harder and require more effort, and also because they are worth more chances in the random pool, limit one per entrant, please!

Also, I will specifically showcase the awesomeness of any creative activity, even if you don’t win, in future posts on this blog. If you’re somebody engaged in your own creative work, consider this an opportunity to promote yourself! I will link you RIGHT UP and tell people to go check you out!

Any questions, just give me a shout! And again, happy 4th to all who are celebrating today!

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