Faerie Blood

First print drop of Faerie Blood!

Check it out, you guys, I have the first drop of Faerie Blood! Here’s a big box of half-Sidhe fiddle player, ready to rock, and the redoubtable printing machine handing me one of the books too!

The operative word for this being AWESOME.

This is drop #1 of the print run–the rest of them will be finished early next week, I am informed. But this’ll keep me plenty occupied as I begin to mail out copies to Kickstarter backers!

The total run is 70 copies. Of these, 40 are going to backers. Of the 30 remaining, four are compensation copies for userinfosolarbird and for Kiri Moth! Two are reserved for my contest in progress. That leaves me a total of 24 copies available to sell!

So if anybody out there has a hankering to claim one of the books out of this print run for your very own, NOW is the time to let me know! As I call out on the official Faerie Blood page, I ask $15 per copy if I can hand-deliver it to you. If I need to mail it to you, I ask $20 to cover shipping costs and postage. I will be giving priority to anybody who can pay me via Paypal, or who will be attending Westercon and can pay either Dara or myself in person. So if you’d like a copy out of this run, talk to me ASAP! PM/DM me on the usual social networks, email me, whatever works for you, just get in touch and let me know that you want to make arrangements!

Special note to anybody in Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, or St. John’s: if you’re not already getting a copy from me via the Kickstarter and you want one of this print run, I am quite willing to bring you a book directly when Dara and I go on vacation! But you do need to let me know ASAP if you want me to reserve you one, and a Paypal payment will guarantee a copy will be saved for you!

ETA: If you want to fling me moneys and you can’t do Paypal, I will also accept $15 (if I’m personally delivering) or $20 (if I’m mailing the book) in credit anywhere I can buy books or ebooks. Talk to me if you want to pursue that option too. 🙂

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