Bone Walker

Nanowrimo Day 9: Another chapter down

Finished up Chapter 3 tonight, and am closing in on the 8,500 mark. I should have written more–but hey, new release and site updates distracting me and all! So I think I can forgive myself. 😉

I am amused to observe that despite the fact that I wrote out six chapters’ worth of outline for this thing, I’ve already gone off script. Carson and Jake muscled their way into the scene in Chapter 3, which is probably a damn good thing for Elessir, since that boy’s in sorry condition right out of the gate, and Jake is a retired EMT! That’s my characters for you, always willing to screw up plot plans for the greater good.

On a bigger picture level, one of the early plot points in my head appears to have shifted around on me as well, in terms of how I’m going to introduce it. I think it’ll still be in the next chapter, but there will be no buildup for it yet because everybody’s already being distracted by Elessir and Melisanda coming on camera. But once I have the next big plot ball in the air, that’ll be the last of the initial plot points, and then I can start working on complications on those.

And Elessir hitting on Kendis. Wait, did I say that out loud?

Written tonight: 524
Chapter 3 total: 2,963
Bone Walker total (first draft): 8,427

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