Bone Walker

Nanowrimo catchup: Up to Day 15

Well, I’m at the halfway mark, and it seems apparent to me at this point that 50K by the end of the month isn’t too likely given how my daily rate has gone so far this month. But on the other hand, I’ve continued to write every day so far this month–and this weekend in particular, I’ve had a particularly good run with nearly 2,500 words yesterday and a K today.

This puts me at 13K and change. At minimum, if I make 500 words a day every day for the rest of the month, I should make about 22K–but I’m thinking 26K is not out of the question. I’m going to keep going, regardless. The Nano cred would be shiny, but finishing Faerie Blood‘s first sequel? Shinier.

I’m about to finish up Chapter 5 as of tonight. Jude’s life has just gotten quite a bit more difficult, though she doesn’t realize it yet. And I’ve enjoyed writing a tender moment between Christopher and a very worried Kendis. More updates as they happen!

Written on the 10th: 584
Written on the 11th: 515
Written on the 12th: 537
Written on the 13th: 215
Written yesterday: 2,454
Written today and tonight: 1,019
Chapter 4 total: 2,882
Chapter 5 total: 2,442
Bone Walker total (first draft): 13,751

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