Bone Walker

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Chapter 8 of Bone Walker is well and thoroughly underway, and for the first time as I’ve gotten into this chapter, I’ve come to realize that this book’s definitely setting a different tone than Faerie Blood. For one thing, the world’s already established, so I don’t have to spend much time at all on introductory exposition. For another, there’s hopefully going to be more action overall just because this is two months later than Faerie Blood, and Kendis and Christopher both have had some time to practice their new skills under Millie’s tutelage.

For a third, and this is probably the most important difference, I’ve got more characters in play here and therefore more ensemble cast fun going on. Chapter 8’s the second big scene involving most of the cast–and it’s a lot more tense, because I’ve got both Melisanda and Elessir on hand. Tonight, I’m finding this is also an opportunity for Kendis to establish a bit of dominance that she doesn’t normally have around Millicent, given that Millie’s usually the one in charge. But these are the Sidhe Ken’s dealing with–and they’re going to look to her first. Especially Elessir. Of course, Kendis ain’t terribly thrilled about this:

The tension that had vanished from the room ratcheted right back up again, this time with an even more hostile bite to it than Melisanda had provoked–for this time, the Seelie was not only part of the reaction, she was its furious heart. She surged forward from her place by the front door, past both of the Warders and Jake, and only my outthrust hand kept her from going for Elessir’s naked throat. “I pledged to obey my Queen,” she snarled, “and make amends for my trespasses. But that does not include consorting with this treacherous worm!”

Something close to Elessir’s devilish grin slid across his mouth, but there was no mirth in it, and it didn’t reach his eyes. “Ah’m jes’ thrilled to death to see you again too, darlin’,” he rasped. After many hours of sleep he was no longer the deathly white shade he’d been before, but this wasn’t saying much; his voice was weak, and he was still haggard, disheveled, and looking far too pitiful for my comfort.

Which, no doubt, was why I clocked him across the jaw.

Yeah. That’ll do nicely.

Written tonight: 543
Chapter 8 total: 2,058
Bone Walker total (first draft): 23,096

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