This week’s episode of Anna’s New Books

Got some nice crunchy ones on the purchase list this time around, you guys!

First and foremost, in print, the shiny new zombie novel Feed by Mira Grant, a.k.a. userinfoseanan_mcguire! I’m already a hundred pages into this and into it way more than I’ve been with her Toby Daye novels–and I certainly liked the first of those. But I love me a good zombie novel, and this one is a cut above even those, so far. I’ve seen someone on Goodreads say that this book contains zombies, but what it’s actually about is politics and journalism and conspiracy. So far, it’s all about the awesome. I will of course be reviewing it in full when I’m done.

Meanwhile, purchased electronically even though I’d already bought a hardcover copy, is Malinda Lo’s excellent Ash! I was waffling on getting it read just because the hardcover edition is a lovely, lovely thing, and I was quite reluctant to take it out of the house and subject it to the usual rigors of being carried around in my backpack on my commute. So I eventually just decided, screw it, I’ll get the ebook and read that instead. I did. It was lovely, and I highly recommend it. Again, a review post is forthcoming!

Last but most certainly not least, and going head to head in the general category of Awesome occupied by the previous two books, is Laurie King’s The God of the Hive. I believe I mentioned before that I’d won an ARC of this on Goodreads, and now that it’s actually released I definitely had to put down for an ebook copy. Just because a story that good deserves my financial support!

Now up to 128 books for the year, and my ebook wish list on Barnes and Noble’s site is growing by the week. Betting-inclined persons may wish to start considering how much space I’ll fill up on my Nook before the year is out, and whether B&N will improve the chances of that by actually rolling out some fixes to the firmware so I can actually better organize said ebooks!

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