Bone Walker

Bone Walker Soundtrack Update

Folks, this is what the top of my Not Recently Played playlist looked like this morning:

It's a Real Album and Everything

It’s a Real Album and Everything

I had the distinct pleasure of listening to this on the way into work this morning, and have never been more pleased to tell Dara, in the parlance of my day job, “QA signs off on this release”.

I’m particularly excited about the instrumental tracks. The fiddle playing shines like diamonds, a testament not only to the skill of our three fiddlers, but also to Dara’s engineering and the final polish from the official mastering engineer. The Kitsune at War and Bring the Storm tracks in particular capture the mood of those bits of Bone Walker perfectly. And I gotta say, the Klopfenpop remix of The Burke-Gilman Troll kicks all the ass in a tri-state radius. I’m pretty sure it left no unkicked ass anywhere between Vancouver and Portland. 😀

Release of this thing should therefore be coming REALLY SOON. I’ll be letting all backers of appropriate levels know when the digital download of the soundtrack is ready for you. Dara will be moving forward with that as well as with the creation of the physical CDs. She’s made some lovely case art using the covers of both the novels, and has picked out some gorgeous paper to use for the liner insert as well. Looking VERY forward to having these to sell when we hit Conflikt at the end of this month!

Don’t forget, if you actually want one of the physical CDs, preordering on Bandcamp will be the best way to get it. And if you haven’t listened to the preview tracks yet, you can find them right over here.

And let me encourage you all to please share the heck out of this link, too! Remember, Dara and I as well as the various musicians who all appear on this soundtrack are indie artists here, and if we want to have a prayer of selling this thing to the general public, every little bit of word of mouth helps so much.

Lastly, let me finish up by noting that I’m also very close to having the Bone Walker manuscript ready to release to proofreading. I need to put the sample chapter of Faerie Blood into the back of it, and I have ALSO gotten permission from Carina Press to cross-promote my Carina books in the back of the book as well. So I need to do that work.

Once this is done, I’ll be ready to have the book proofread. I’ve had two people express interest already in proofreading, but if anyone else wants to volunteer, let me know ASAP!

Thanks again to all for your patience and support!

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