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Working list of Carina Press POD titles

Good news everyone! Carina Press has launched a Print on Demand program, making an initial wave of titles available for ordering via Amazon.

The bad news is, I’m not in that list. The better news is, if this initial wave of titles generates enough interest, it bumps up the possibility that I might be added to the list later. So if you have a vested interest in seeing the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy get into print, the best things you can do are:

  • Buy the ebooks if you haven’t already (and as always the links for where to buy the ebooks are on the Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter pages)
  • Encourage others to buy the ebooks
  • Show support for the first wave of Carina POD titles

With the third of these in mind, I showed my own support by ordering a copy of Cindy Spencer Pape’s Steam & Sorcery, the first of her steampunk romance series, the Gaslight Chronicles. I’ve already bought this in ebook form, but I wanted to see what the output of Amazon’s POD system would look like, and hey, I like the book. Yesterday evening, my copy arrived.

And I’m pleased to report that it looks pretty awesome, layout-wise. Paper quality is good, design’s quite nice (though Dara had quibbles with the guttering closest to the spine), and while my copy sustained a bit of damage in transit, I would in general consider this as an option for POD for future self-published works.

Check it out, it’s a book! With a spine and a colophon and everything!

And, here’s a roundup of titles I know for sure are on the POD lineup! I will be adding links to this list as more of Carina’s POD authors make themselves known to me, so check back here often!

Steampunk romance:

Historical romance:

  • Ruined by Rumor, by Alyssa Everett (note: I’d already nabbed this one in ebook because I appreciate a romance cover with fully-clothed cover models, and the plot sounded fun too)


  • No One Lives Twice, by Julie Moffett (note: I’ve read this one! It’s lighter-hearted)
  • Fair Game, by Josh Lanyon (note: this one has an M/M romance in it)

Urban fantasy:

Contemporary romance:

See anything on this list that looks interesting? Go buy it! Carina authors will thank you!

ETA: Since Michele Mannon was kind enough to send me her cover for Knock Out, check it out! I normally roll my eyes at shirtless hero covers, but given that she’s writing romance about fighters, it’s actually appropriate for her guy to be shirtless. He totally looks like he’s about to step into a bout, or maybe he’s coming out of one. Either way, it’s a visually arresting cover.

Knock Out

Knock Out

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