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Heads up, ebook fans

Here are some free ebooks I’m aware of in the last few days of this year. Jump on ’em while you can, fellow ebook readers!

If you’re an Ilona Andrews fan, that particular writing team has a novella called Magic Gifts set in the Kate Daniels universe. It’s only available for a short period of time and you can only grab it off their website, so if you want it, scamper over here and yoink it down! And thank them for sharing it with their readers.

Meanwhile, I’m aware of two freebies currently available for the Kindle, and the first of these is The Devil of Kilmartin by Lauren Wittig, a historical romance. This one’s only available for free until tomorrow. So if you like your romance historical and you like your heroines gifted with healing magic (I’m a sucker for healers myself), you might grab this. But grab it fast.

Last but not least, Martha Wells, who is userinfomarthawells on both LJ and Dreamwidth, has The Cloud Roads available for free for the time being on the Kindle. I don’t know how much longer this’ll be the case, so you might grab this one if you like fantasy. Book 2 of the series, The Serpent Sea, is about to come out.

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