Weekend book roundup post

Because I wanted to make a dent in my wishlist, while I’m working on reading the books I actually already own, my latest round of purchases!

Picked up from Carina:

  • Deep Deception, by Cathy Pegau. Because SF that features a female/female romance, woo!
  • The Stolen Luck, by Shawna Reppert. Because M/M fantasy, pretty much, and to support Carina’s SF/F sales.

Picked up from B&N:

  • Sweet Revenge, by Zoe Archer. Grabbed because historical romance that features a hero from the working classes, and because there’s an excellent review of it right over here on the Smart Bitches site!
  • Smoketown, by Tenea D. Johnson. I read this back in 2011 as a library book and liked it quite a bit, and now it’s finally available in ebook form. So I bought my own copy.
  • Let It Be Me, by Kate Noble. Historical romance. The fifth in her excellent Blue Raven series, this one features a heroine with a talent for music. Can’t get much more relevant to my interests than that. 😉

And, picked up from Kobo:

  • The Firebird, by Susanna Kearsley. Historical romance. Picked up because the general principle of I’ll Buy Everything by Susanna Kearsley!
  • Eucalyptus, by Murray Bail. I’ve read this one before too, but finally grabbed it in ebook to return it to my library after having sold off my print copy.
  • A Good Year, by Peter Mayle. Another re-purchase in ebook form of a previously owned trade paperback. I wanted to give this another read at some point.
  • The Courier’s New Bicycle, by Kim Westwood. Grabbed this one because it has some genderqueer characters and it was spoken of very well on the Outer Alliance mailing list.
  • A Passion for Pleasure, by Nina Rowan. Historical romance. Book 2 of her Daring Hearts series. I liked book 1 of these quite a bit, so I wanted to give book 2 a shot.
  • Thieftaker, by D.B. Jackson. Fantasy. This is another historical fantasy-type novel, and I’d been meaning to grab this one for a while after seeing it talked up on Book 2 is imminent so I thought I’d better go ahead and get this one!

91 for the year.

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