Book log catching up

Alert persons will notice that while I barely squeaked over the wire last night with book #100 read of the year, I made it up to only 38 reviews posted. I am sadly, sadly behind on my 2011 book reviews!

Therefore, while I’m not really much of a New Year’s Resolutions type person, I’m going to nonetheless make one to get caught up on my reviews. However, I don’t want this to put me behind on 2012 reviews. So I’m going to keep up with posting the backlogged 2011 reviews–but I’m going to go ahead and start the 2012 reviews as well. I’ll schedule the 2011 reviews so they don’t all hit the blog at once, though.

And the Tri-lingual Hobbit Re-read does not count as book log posts, as those are more word-geekery than actual reviewing of the book. I will of course do a proper review post for The Hobbit when I’m done! And since I’m reading three languages at once I may post very short reviews of the French and German editions as well.

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