Valor of the Healer

Flash Giveaway for Valor of the Healer #3!

Flash Giveaway #3 for Valor of the Healer is now GO!

All previous entrants who haven’t won yet, your entries are still on my master list so you’re still in the running. If I see you do any new actions, though, those count as new entries!

Previous winners, you may enter again if you want to give extra copies to anyone, but you will need to do new actions in order to get back onto the list.

Here are those actions, once more!

  • Drop a comment on this post (for usual values of ‘this post’ meaning on WordPress, LJ, or Dreamwidth, all three places count)
  • Comment to me on Facebook
  • Tweet to me
  • Comment to me on Google+

If you do any of THESE, you will get TWO entries!

  • Post about the book coming out on your own blog or journal and send me a link
  • Post to any social network and cc me in a comment or tweet, or otherwise send me a screenshot
  • Add the book to your Goodreads reading list (or equivalent on any other similar site, e.g., LibraryThing)

If you review the book anywhere, on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, or anywhere else, and provide me evidence of same, you will be given FIVE entries.

Ready? Set? GO!

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