Valor of the Healer

Winner of Flash Giveaway #1 for Valor of the Healer: Angela R!

Angela R., my good friend and fellow Great Big Sea fangirl, is the first winner of this week’s Flash Giveaways for Valor of the Healer! Angela will be duly contacted about same!

Everybody else: stand by for Flash Giveaway #2, which will be going up at NOON Pacific time! Now would be a good time to get those tweets, Facebook posts, carrier pigeon notes, you name it, getting out there so you can tell me about them when the next giveaway goes up!

Also, if you get in on one of these and you are NOT drawn, yes, your previous entry may carry over into the next round. I will be keeping track. However, if you happen to tweet/Facebook post/blog/carrier pigeon more than once, yes, that will count as a new entry!

Again, NOON Pacific time! Stand by for the post to go up!

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