Valor of the Healer

Four weeks and counting till Valor of the Healer!

And as of today, I see that people are starting to add it to their To-Read shelves on Goodreads. At least one person there has it on an arc-2013 shelf, which means HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS! People are indeed actually pulling it down off of NetGalley!

That sound you just heard is the sound of my head exploding at the notion that not only do I have a book coming out in four weeks, it’s a book coming out on a big enough scale that there are ARCs for it, and people are actually looking at them. Yeah sure fine I’m digital-only on this release, but this is still a way bigger deal than the release of either edition of Faerie Blood. And now suddenly I’m all nervous and thinking, “Seriously?! People I don’t even know want to read my book?! REALLY?” (Imagine me saying that last “REALLY?” about an octave above my normal voice, too!)

If anybody out there is actively interested in reviewing the book–for Amazon, or Goodreads, or B&N, or anywhere else where reviews can be publicly posted, including book review blogs–you can indeed now pull it down off of NetGalley. Or talk to me directly. I will be overjoyed to provide review copies to anybody who wants to help me get the word out!


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