Valor of the Healer

Valor of the Healer giveaway #3: Trivia Hunt!

It’s now time for Valor of the Healer‘s third giveaway, you all, and this time I’m going to do something a little bit more entertaining–which will hopefully be of particular interest to those of you who RPed with me back in the day on AetherMUSH! (And, it MUST be noted, I have listed Faanshi’s AetherMUSH origins right in the book’s acknowledgements AND have given all hail and praise to Astra Poyser Laughlin who created the game. Because THANK YOU ASTRA! <3 ) Namely, I'm going to pay a bit of homage to Faanshi's origins by asking participants to answer the following trivia questions about her AetherMUSH incarnation. All answers may be found in my archive of Faanshi roleplay logs from AetherMUSH!

Here are the questions:

  1. Who was the halfbreed character who freed Faanshi from her original slavery?
  2. What was the name of the race Faanshi served?
  3. Who were the rulers of the race Faanshi served?
  4. In which roleplay log did Faanshi and Julian both appear? (I’ll be looking for log title AND date, here.)
  5. Name, in chronological order, Faanshi’s love interests. (I will accept two possible answers.)
  6. What was the name of Faanshi’s dog?
  7. A particular gladiator character was a recurring guest in several of Faanshi’s RP scenes. What was that character’s name, and how many logs did he appear in?
  8. Name at least two of the Warlord characters who were of importance in Faanshi’s history.
  9. Name the Atlantean character who had a scene with Faanshi, but with whom I primarily roleplayed as my other character, the princess Kaiulani.
  10. Name at least one of the Sylvan tribes visited by Faanshi in the course of her roleplay history.

Since I’m asking you all to do some work here, I’m raising the stakes on the rewards! I will hand out five, count ’em, five copies of Valor of the Healer to participants who get the highest number of answers correct by the deadline of midnight, Pacific time, Sunday March 24th!

Additionally, to the person who gets the highest number of answers, I’ll hand out a $25 gift certificate to the bookstore or online ebook vendor of your choice. In the event of a tie, the winner of the gift certificate will be randomly selected!

Answers must be posted in comments to me on this post (for values of ‘this post’ meaning ‘the original WordPress post’ OR the Livejournal or Dreamwidth mirrors)!

Ready? Set? GO!

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