Valor of the Healer

Falling down on the job (Lament)

I have been very, very lame trying to deal with Lament, and tonight, along with medical stress, the nagging of my conscience got just too much to deal with.

So I went back and doublechecked where I’d left off in Chapter 20, and made myself work through a few more pages of editing just because I need to bloody well restore my habit of working on the thing if I ever want to get it finished. So, status check: on page 11 of 19 in the chapter, and holding steady around 4,500 words. Fortunately the scene with Faanshi and Alarrah, the first scene they have together after Faanshi finds out a Certain Thing about herself and Alarrah, needed less tweaking than I thought it would.

We’ll see if I feel like doing more of this tomorrow.

Edited since the last time I worked on this thing, which was too long ago: +37
Chapter 20 revised total: 4,546
Lament of the Dove revised total (fourth draft): 121,491

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