Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood availability update!

With the help of the lovely folks of Book Universe at Norwescon, I sold three copies of the print edition of Faerie Blood in addition to the ones I hand-sold myself.

This means I have a total of eight copies left in my current print run. Previous prices still apply for these copies: $15 if I can hand-deliver them to you, $20 if I need to mail them.

Also, I didn’t sell any of the ebook bundle CDs I had left. Which means, O Internets, that I’m going to make them available TO YOU! What’s on these CDs:

  • EPUB, PDF, and MOBI of the Kickstarter edition of Faerie Blood
  • EPUB and PDF of the Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood
  • EPUB, PDF, and MOBI of the short story “The Blood of the Land”

I’m asking $5 for each CD.

However, I will also cut people a deal if they want a print copy AND one of the CDs! If you buy both together, I will waive the mailing cost, so it’s still $20 straight up for both of them.

If I hand-deliver the items, I will give you a two-dollar discount, so that’ll be $18 for a print copy AND the CD.

This offer will be in effect until I run out of CDs. And if I run out of print editions first, it will apply to however many more copies are applicable in the next print run I do.

Any takers? Talk to me! And if you already have copies of the book, signal-boost to others! Thanks all. 🙂

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