Faerie Blood

One more super-quick Faerie Blood status check

It’s been about a month now since Faerie Blood showed up on Fictionwise, and I’m pleased to observe that I’m still in the top 20 on the Fantasy list there. I’ve peaked at #2 and am as of tonight at least back down to #18, which is where I started when I first paid attention to this. I am up to 12 ratings on the site, most of which appear to be “Great”, and I’m apparently now also the best-selling Drollerie book in their database. 14 people total have added me on Goodreads, too, and I had a new and very nice review show up on Amazon.

All of which is pleasing! It’s all small potatoes, sure. But they’re my potatoes. And they’re tasty!

No sign of me yet on Barnes and Noble, although I do note that the other ebook called Faerie Blood that I’d previously sighted in Fictionwise’s database is over there now. Hopefully I won’t be too far behind!

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