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And now, a Carina Press Christmas Eve ebook roundup!

Jumping the gun a bit with starting to post these ebook purchase roundup posts on this blog rather than, but I figure what the hey, it’s Christmas Eve and I’ve just picked up a bunch of ebooks by fellow Carina Press authors! Here you go, folks:

  • An Infamous Marriage, by Susanna Fraser. Historical romance. Grabbed because I’ve enjoyed her previous two historical romances immensely.
  • Ruined by Rumor, by Alyssa Everett. Also historical romance. Grabbed this one because a) I actually quite like that for once the couple depicted on the cover is fully clothed (which is often significantly sexier to me than a half-naked couple because I like things that are left to my imagination), and b) this book’s hero, described in the blurb as “responsible” and “tongue-tied”, sounds like a refreshing switch from the rakes that usually populate Romancelandia.
  • All For You, by Dana Marie Bell. Paranormal romance. Boy Meets Girl, Boy Protects Girl Because Boy is Sekritly an Angel, OHNOEZ Girl is Being Stalked by Something Nasty, Will Boy Reveal Himself and Take Out the Nasty Thing? Okay yeah I don’t normally read angel-based romances, but I liked the cover on this one (again, I’m drawn to covers that don’t make a big point of showing me Shirtless Sexy Guys; this one’s got more emphasis on the hero’s hair and that IS one of my swoon points), and the concept sounded fun. So I’m checking it out.
  • Cruel Numbers, by Christopher Beats. Steampunk mystery novella. Buying this one because a) mystery, b) doing my bit to support the lesser-emphasized genres on the Carina site, and c) even though steampunk per se is not my thing, the blurb sounded interesting.
  • Dangerous Race, by Dee J. Adams. Romantic suspense. Racing is generally not my thing at all, but hey, this book is free for TODAY ONLY so I figured what the hey, I’d give it a shot. The heroine’s a race car driver, there’s sabotage going on, OHNOEZ!
  • Compromising the Marquess, by Wendy Soliman. Yet more historical romance. This one’s got a girl pretending to be a boy gathering stories for a scandal sheet, who finds that the local marquess may be involved with treasonous activities, except he’s really a spy! And they have to team up to not only counteract her own rumors, but to find the actual bad guys! Might be fun. Giving it a shot.

And one more that isn’t actually out yet, but which I’m grabbing because it’s SF, and again, this is me trying to encourage the sales of SF/F on the Carina site:

  • Caught in Amber, by Cathy Pegau. The heroine is a recovering junkie with a prior history with a drug called amber, and she’s got a chip in her neck that’s supposed to control her cravings for said drug. But she’s handed an opportunity to win her freedom from parole and the chip and the drug–if she helps an agent whose sister has been taken in by her own former lover, the top drug lord of the mining colony. So yeah, sounds pretty gritty and potentially interesting, and I wanted to go ahead and snag this even though it doesn’t come out for another couple of weeks!

This should bring me up to 146 for the year. Previous book roundup posts are over on my other blog.

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