A great big YAY I have a new computer book roundup

And now, a great big ebook roundup because I haven’t had one in a while, and I grabbed quite a few more things off my backlogged wishlist! Had this sitting in my Drafts folder for a while, long enough that I even went through all of this week’s computer fun before I got around to actually finishing this post!

And now I get to finish reorganizing all my ebooks, too, now that my Fictionwise library has finally shown up in my B&N account. BUT! I’m still pulling in some new books too!

Grabbed from B&N, I give you:

  • Night Sins and Guilty as Sin, a thriller duology by Tami Hoag. Rebought in ebook form and chances are high I’ll be re-reading these sometime soon.
  • A Great Deliverance, by Elizabeth George. Book 1 of the redoubtable Inspector Lynley series, rebought in ebook form. Because there are a whole lot of these and I needed to clear up my shelf space!
  • A Flaw in the Blood, by Stephanie Barron. Period mystery from the same author who did the Jane Austen mystery series I liked. I hadn’t actually read this yet but am re-buying in ebook form since I had to get rid of the trade paperback to clear up shelf space.
  • Cowboys & Aliens, by Joan D. Vinge. Novelization of the movie, bought because I respect Joan Vinge’s writing and want to see what she did with the first novel she’s written in years.
  • Blood Bargain, by Maria Lima. Book 2 of her urban fantasy series, picked up finally since I did like book 1!
  • Northern Lights, by Nora Roberts. Standalone romantic suspense, because I do love me some Nora and I haven’t read this one yet.
  • Angels Fall, by Nora Roberts. Again, romantic suspense, but this is a re-buy of a book previously owned in paperback.
  • Killing Time, by Della Van Hise. Star Trek novelization, #24 of the original run of TOS novels. I particularly liked this one for being an alternate timeline in which Spock was Captain of the Enterprise and Kirk was a pissed-off Ensign. Will be re-reading soon, since I’m re-buying it for my collection.
  • The Hidden Goddess, by M.K. Hobson. Book 2 of her steampunk/romance series, picked up since I quite liked Book 1, and I supported her Kickstarter for Book 3, so I really kinda oughtta read Book 2 as well. 😀
  • Flip This Zombie, by Jesse Petersen. Because zombies + comedy = love, and because the first book was fun and I’m looking forward to reading this one!
  • Chasing Fire, by Nora Roberts. Yet another Nora romantic suspense, because apparently I’m feeling a shortage of that lately in my life.
  • Alpha and Omega, by Patricia Briggs. This is her novella that launched the Alpha and Omega series, which I’m buying in standalone ebook even though I’ve already read it as part of the On the Prowl anthology.
  • Why Mermaids Sing and Where Serpents Sleep, by C.S. Harris. Period mystery. Books 3 and 4 of her Sebastian St. Cyr series, which I’m looking forward to continuing.
  • Farthing, by Jo Walton. SF. Because I’ve been wanting to read this for a while.

And from Harlequin’s ebook store, because yeah, I can be seduced with the blandishments of a 50 percent off coupon:

  • Survival Instinct, by Doranna Durgin. One of her Silhouette Bombshells I’d been meaning to get for a while.
  • Checkmate, by Doranna Durgin. Another Bombshell, though this one is in the Athena Force series, which I was already interested in!
  • Sentinels: Kodiak Chained, yet again by Doranna Durgin. Because I like her Sentinels shapeshifters series, and this is the latest in same. Let’s see if she makes werebears sexy!
  • The Pirate Bride, by Shannon Drake. Because PIRATES. YARR.
  • Midnight Caller, by Leslie Tentler. I thought this sounded like a fun romantic suspense a while back, and I only just got around to picking it up now.

139 for the year.

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