That book roundup post time again

Because it’s what I DO.

Picked up electronically from Carina Press:

  • Unearthed, Unraveled, Unmasked, and Unleashed, all by C.J. Barry. These are sci-fi romance, and were all apparently previously published–by Dorchester. Those of you who follow the romance genre at all may now flinch in understanding! Ms. Barry appears to have found a new home at Carina, and I like me some skiffy romance, so I thought sure why not. And for the record, from what I’m seeing on Goodreads, Carina’s covers for these books are way nicer than Dorchester’s!

Picked up electronically from Torquere Books:

  • Steam-Powered 2: More Lesbian Steampunk Stories, edited by userinfoupstart_crow, JoSelle Vanderhooft! This is the sequel to the anthology I reviewed several months ago and which I found very strong overall. Looking forward to reading this. Currently available in ebook form from Torquere Books, and if you want the paperback, keep an eye on that site for ordering. I’m also seeing the paperback listed on B&N, and both the paperback and the Kindle Edition on Amazon.

Picked up electronically from Smashwords:

  • Repeating History, by userinfommegaera, M.M. Justus! This is a review copy and I’ll be reviewing it for her. Paranoral romance about a young man who is flung back in time and winds up impacting his own past.

And, picked up electronically from Barnes and Noble:

  • The Habitation of the Blessed, by Catherynne M. Valente. This was a B&N freebie a couple weeks ago, and I’d been meaning to read it anyway, so *yoink*! This is Valente’s story about Prester John, from Night Shade Books.
  • Lucky’s Lady, Cry Wolf, A Thin Dark Line, and Still Waters, all by Tami Hoag. These are various suspense novels I’d previously owned in paperback, rebought electronically.
  • The Color of Magic, by Terry Pratchett. This is of course the first Discworld novel, and I’m picking it up because a) it’s high time I read it, and b) it’s on sale for .99 on for Nook readers all throughout November.

228 for the year.

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