Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood in print for the holidays!

Hey all, just as a general reminder: I DO have print copies of Faerie Blood available to be hand-sold to anyone who wants one! So if ebooks aren’t your thing, but you’d still like Kendis and Christopher and Elessir on your shelf, I can help you out with that!

Normally I would ask $20 for any copy I’m mailing out, but for the month of December, I am going to waive my shipping charges. So whether I’m hand-delivering or mailing to you, the asking price until January 1, 2013, is $15 USD! (Or CAD, for my Canadian friends!)

Best way to pay me is via Paypal to my gmail address, annathepiper. Alternately, I will accept equivalent credit anywhere I can buy ebooks (first choices being the Barnes and Noble site and Kobo), or iTunes store credit! Lastly, I will also accept mailed checks or cash, just be advised that I won’t send out a book until I receive payment, so that’s the slowest option.

If you want a copy, please email me at the aforementioned email address to make arrangements! And thank you in advance for your support!

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