Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

LAST CALL on the Kickstarter, folks!

132 backers! 122% funding! $4,918.23 total raised so far! This is a nice bit of padding above and beyond the soundtrack stretch goal, and every bit of it will make Kendis’ Book Three happen all that much faster.

We are almost to closing time now, people, so if you’ve been waffling about whether to jump in, now’s the time and this is the link! The project expires at 6:01pm EDT tonight, 3:01pm PDT!

Sure would be nice if I could kick up over $5K by closing time! Anybody out there wanna help me make it happen, there’s always room for more–at least until the project runs out! Grab a chair, raise a jar, and help me wind this kitchen party down. 😀

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