Book roundup, special bilingual edition!

Picked up in print, as of today, ordered for me courtesy of the awesome userinfocow:

  • Bilbo le hobbit, the French-language edition of The Hobbit
  • Avis de tempête, the French-language edition of Storm Front, the first book of the Dresden Files!

Meanwhile, from Barnes and Noble, I grabbed the ebook editions of all my previously owned X-Files novels:

  • Whirlwind, by Charles Grant
  • Antibodies, by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Skin, by Ben Mezrich
  • Goblins, by Charles Grant
  • Ruins, by Kevin J. Anderson
  • Ground Zero, by Kevin J. Anderson

I also have grabbed three more books from Carina Press, to wit:

  • Altered Destiny, by Shawna Thomas. SF/romance, it looks like.
  • Rulebreaker, by Cathy Pegau. SF. Grabbed this one very, very specifically because it’s an F/F story, and those are so thin on the ground outside of specifically LGBT presses that it ain’t even funny! If you’re looking for F/F SF (with a likely heap o’ romantic interest on the side), I’d encourage making a point of checking this one out so’s to encourage Carina Press to sell more.
  • Dangerous Magic, by Alix Rickloff. Historical/paranormal romance. The heroine’s a witch, and she’s rescued a smuggler with the intent of convincing him to father her a child. Hoping it’ll be fun!

Here’s a freebie I snarfed the other day without remembering to attribute it before–got the heads up about this one, I think, from the Smart Bitches:

  • The Inconvenient Duchess, by Christine Merrill. Historical romance. I have no idea if I’ll like it, but hey, it was free!

Last but not least, the aforementioned 501 French Verbs. The 3rd edition was the version in print that userinfomaellenkleth sent me, and the 6th edition is the one I’ve bought for the Nook!

Counting the verbs book twice for two different editions, that’s 216 for the year! J’ai lu un nombre ridicule de livres, indeed!

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