Official new book hiatus

I am as of this post on official No Buying New Books hiatus through the end of August. This includes buying replacement electronic copies of stuff I have previously owned in print.

Basically, there are two reasons for this. One is that my beloved userinfosolarbird and I will be a bit short on rent in the month of August, as we’re doing a shuffle of student tenants prior to the new school year. The other is that I do have nearly 600 things on the To Read shelf (both the physical one and the virtual one), so it ain’t like I’m lacking for things to read!

So from now until the tail end of August I will be trying to get caught up on many of these tasty, tasty things I’m behind on reading. This includes the new userinfonaominovik, userinfokatatomic‘s last before her next one drops, some userinfoblackaire, the two books of userinfomizkit‘s I’m behind on, reading the three books I’ve got by my fellow Telgar Weyr alum Deby Fredericks, and a jaunt through my accumulated works by userinfodesperance. Time permitting, I will also be eying userinforachelcaine and userinfojpsorrow!

Please however do feel free to use this post as a means to recommend to me forthcoming new books I should be getting as soon as the hiatus lifts! (And yes, I’m already intending to buy Kit’s Truthseeker as soon as I can! 😀 )

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