This weekend’s book report

From Carina Press:

  • The Spurned Viscountess, by Shelley Munro. Gothic/historical romance. This one’s involving a woman who’s a healer and a psychic and who is roped into the obligatory marriage with the handsome viscount who only realizes after they’re married that hey, he really rather likes her. Also, there are the obligatory Mysterious Accidents! This should be fun.
  • Presumed Dead, by Shirley Wells. Mystery. This one caught my eye mostly because the cover is striking, and I mean striking, what with the woman’s red dress standing out vividly against the black-and-white background. Was also intrigued by the plot blurb, involving the obligatory down-on-his-luck, disgraced cop who’s asked to privately investigate a disappearance.

And, moving into the print realm, I was amused as all get-out when someone at work left a big ol’ pile of romance novels on the island in the kitchen. Naturally, I scarfed several. These were the ones that looked interesting enough to scarf:

  • The Stranger and I, by Carol Ericson. Harlequin Intrigue. Heroine witnesses a murder, obligatory Sekrit Agent Dude must protect her.
  • Three titles out of what seems to be a Silhouette Nocturne series: Raintree: Sanctuary, by Beverly Barton; Raintree: Inferno, by Linda Howard; and Raintree: Haunted, by Linda Winstead Jones. These are paranormal romances, featuring what appear to be a clan of people with various paranormal gifts.
  • And, another Harlequin Intrigue, Twin Targets by Jessica Andersen. Grabbed this one because I’ve actually already read several of her Intrigues as well as her fun ongoing Nightkeepers paranormal romance series. This is another “agent must protect beautiful woman who has the key to solving his case” type stories. Yes folks, I read a lot of those.

And last but most definitely not least, just because I’ve been meaning to get these anyway–in hardback, even, picked up from Third Place Books:

  • Labyrinth, by userinfokatatomic (Kat Richardson). The fifth book in her Greywalker series.
  • Shades of Milk and Honey, by Mary Robinette Kowal. Gotten because everybody who’s anybody gushed over this book over the spring and summer, and because the whole concept of “if Jane Austen had written about a world that involves magic, what would that have been like?” sounds right up my alley.

This brings me up to 309 for the year! Soon to be purchased: the second Richard Castle novel as soon as it drops in ebook, the latest Tanya Huff Valor novel, and another of Doranna Durgin’s backlist as soon as that one shows up on the nook store.

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