Yet more ebooks for Anna

I’m really kind of bummed that Fictionwise has gotten a lot less interesting now that the various publishers are implementing agency pricing; a lot of the electronic books I’ve wanted to buy have vanished out of Fictionwise’s database, and they’ve cut back hard on handing out rebates as well. So now it’s turned out that a lot of the books I want are actually cheaper with Barnes and Noble, and I can’t help but wonder if B&N’s eventually going to phase Fictionwise out entirely.

But that said, Fictionwise did at least fling a 20% off coupon to its users this weekend, so I picked up some more ebooks!

  • Angel Fire East and A Knight of the Word by Terry Brooks, just to round out the trilogy about how our own world becomes the world of the Shannara books. Fantasy.
  • The Wolf King, by Alice Borchardt, rounding out her trilogy of historical fantasy novels about werewolves. I’d never purchased or read this one, and will be re-reading the first two before I swing into this. Fantasy.
  • And last but not least, all three of Cate Dermody’s Strongbox Chronicles, The Cardinal Rule, The Firebird Deception, and The Phoenix Law! She is of course userinfomizkit, whose books I’ve been meaning to buy electronically as well as in print for a while now, just because she’s awesome thattaway!

This brings me up to 134 books purchased thus far this year, and given that there are rumors of a sale going on at Third Place this weekend, that number may be about to jump again. Woo!

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