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Book Log #82: Legend Hunter, by Jennifer McKenzie

Legend Hunter was my first book bought off of Fictionwise on the strength of its blurb. I was unfamiliar with author Jennifer McKenzie, but thought “hey, romantic suspense involving Bigfoot. Sounds vaguely X-Files-y. I’m game!”

And yeah, that was about what I got. Kiera McConnel is the daughter of a man who grew famous hunting Bigfoot–but to her eternal shame, she caught him fabricating evidence of the creature’s existence. Now, she shuns anyone with any interest in hunting the creature, and indeed, much of the world in general. But paranormal investigator Ben Harmon is convinced she’s the only one who can help her prove for once and for all that the creature actually exists, and though it goes against her better judgment, Kiera agrees to help him.

Problem is, there’s a lot more going on in the surrounding wilderness, and someone’s willing to kill to keep their secrets.

This was a pleasant enough way to pass time, although I didn’t find the writing particularly smooth or notable, and there was a bit too much use of the F-word in the narrative for my taste; it felt out of place and jarring. Two stars.

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