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Book Log #32: Spirit Dances, by C.E. Murphy

Spirit Dances (Walker Papers, #6)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my giddy aunt, this one was fun! I’m already on record as a documented fan of the Walker Papers, so it’s easy for me to say that this one was my favorite one yet–but it’s the absolute truth. This far into the series, all the characters are well and thoroughly established, and Murphy has the rhythm of the series moving nicely. We’ve got a purely prosaic challenge to Joanne for once as she has to face the first time she has to shoot someone on the job, and how this affects her not only as a shaman, but also simply as a cop. It’s excellent character development for her. And we’ve got transformative magic on the loose, magic capable of turning Jo herself into coyote form.

Most importantly for my purposes, though, we finally get some payoff on the excellent slow build of the relationship between Joanne and Morrison. Next to that, everything else in the book is kind of extra. I can’t say more than that without going into spoiler territory, so I shall content myself with noting that the ending of this one had me simultaneously going YAY! and AUGH! And I cannot wait to devour book 7.

So yeah, this is almost more fangirling than actual review, but hey, like I said–I’m a fan. And I loved this one. Keep ’em coming, Kit! Five stars.

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