Faerie Blood


Ladies and gentlemen, I have received my very first statement of royalties for words I have written with my very own hands, on my very own computer. This is, I believe, another milestone at which I can be said to have leveled up in Writer.

As expected, the statement is very tiny–it only covers the month of June or so, since Faerie Blood was released over Memorial Day weekend, and this was before I showed up on Fictionwise and Amazon. But that said, it’s also a bit bigger than I was expecting. Its numbers say that 17 of you purchased copies of the book, and that my royalty share comes to $42.18.

I’m sharing the actual number for reference purposes–partly my own, just because I want to commemorate this, and partly for the reference of other aspiring writers out there just so you can know what to expect from a market that operates at Drollerie’s level. Note as well that this does not include numbers from Fictionwise, Mobipocket, or Amazon; these should be showing up hopefully on the next statement, and that number should be a bit more entertaining!

To those of you who fall into that group of 17, many, many thanks, and I hope you found the story well worth the purchase!

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