Drollerie Press

In case you haven't bought Faerie Blood yet…

Consider this your early warning that some time next month, rumor has it that Drollerie Press will be having a massive, MASSIVE sale. We’re talking $1.99 for all novel-length works, and for shorter pieces, 50% off!

Shiny, no? So if you’ve been waffling about whether or not to buy Faerie Blood, Elessir tells me to tell you that you ain’t gonna get him much cheaper. 😉

And I’d also like to take this opportunity to highly, highly encourage you to think of picking up The Chocolatier’s Wife, which I have reviewed over here, and which I am here to tell you is quite, quite tasty. Or if horror is to your taste, you might think about The Revenant Road or Scars on the Face of God. Like some paranormal suspense? Still Life With Devils is your book.

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