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Cross-posting this, since it’s to announce a piece is done!

As of this afternoon I’m relieved to tell y’all that I have indeed finished “The Blood of the Land”, my Civil-War-era story set in the Faerie Blood universe. I think it’s safe to say that this has the highest body count of on-camera characters I’ve ever written, which is pretty impressive considering that this is only 7,107 words, and I killed off a total of five characters on camera, and had one start the story dead. I had to do some interesting thinking as well about who exactly had to die, and who would have to do the killing. gave me a nice listening ear on that, and after I explained my thoughts to her, she was all about the killing off. Even aside from her usual penchant for violence!

I didn’t call for beta on it because I wanted to go ahead and send it in to my editor, which has now been done. Now we’ll see what happens next with this thing! More on what happens with it when I have it.

Written in scattershot fashion over the last week: 659
The Blood of the Land final total (first draft): 7,107

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