Short Pieces

Words, albeit fewer than I'd like

Y’all may note I did not get to write yesterday. Which makes Anna cranky, and yet, there wasn’t much to be done; long-overdue checkbook balancing had to happen, to prepare for end-of-month bill paying. Including a big unexpected nasty medical bill that rolled in. Bah.

But I tried to make up for that tonight, and 418 words doesn’t suck. Finished a scene as well and at least got Caleb, Dorcas, and Elias teaming up to head out to Roanoke Island.

I’m not sure about how this thing flows yet. The voice in the back of my head is still going “But I should explain…” I’m still having to shut it up. Because no, I shouldn’t, at least no more than absolutely necessary. I am still trying to keep this thing as short as possible, although I’m closing in on 3K now, and I’ll be surprised if I don’t top 10K. Yet I should still minimize the words. We’ll see how I do.

More tomorrow, I hope.

Written tonight: 418
The Blood of the Land total: 2,880

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