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Yesterday's writing

So yesterday I pulled off the biggest chunk of new writing I’ve done in a while: over 600 brand new words in my Civil War story, “The Blood of the Land”. Broken Warder Elias Sutherland is now on camera and introduced by name, much to the shock of escaping slaves Dorcas and Caleb, and Dorcas is quite astonished to learn that this white man not only has Power akin to hers, he’s even calling her ma’am. Joint escape plans are about to be hatched, although I daresay Caleb’s going to have something to say about eluding their pursuers by making for a haunted island.

We’ll see how much I get done today! Hoping to hit a thousand. And, needless to say, the likelihood of this story being on the longer side has definitely gone up.

Before I do today’s writing, though, going to head out for a walk down to the Sunday Farmer’s Market. Because sunshine and exercise will do me good.

Written yesterday: 665
The Blood of the Land total: 2,462

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