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Drollerie Press store is broken, apologies all

Over the weekend, I found out from fellow author Tia Nevitt, who was trying to buy Faerie Blood, that our store at Drollerie Press had fallen over hard. We are still unfortunately undergoing technical difficulties. My editor userinfoserasempre and the rest of the DP staff have been working hard to get us back up and running, and I’ll be pitching in some technical assistance as well as work to get the new store re-stocked with Drollerie books.

Unfortunately though this means in the meantime that if you’d like to buy Faerie Blood or Defiance, the DP store is not available to do so. Many apologies for the inconvenience, folks!

In the meantime I would recommend that if you’d like to buy Faerie Blood, my best recommendations on where to get it are Amazon for Kindle users, and Fictionwise or Scribd for non-Kindle users (and those latter two links should be DRM-free as well as far as I know).

Defiance is also available at Amazon and at Scribd.

And, if all else fails, I still have a small number of CDs with Faerie Blood on them that I’d made for the reading I attended last fall. I’ll still be happy to sell those to interested parties, $8 if you’re local to me and I can hand-deliver you the disc, or $10 if you’re non-local!

Watch this space for further news. I’ll post again when the DP store lives!