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Hey Smashwords users: coupons for you, all of July!

I’m participating in the site-wite promotion Smashwords is running for the entire month of July, which means that if you’re a user of that site, you can get some of my titles via the coupons they’re running!

With the use of the coupon SSW50, you can get both Faerie Blood and Bone Walker for 50 percent off! Here are the direct links for those two books on Smashwords:

Faerie Blood

Bone Walker

And with the use of the coupon SSW100, you can get my short stories “The Blood of the Land” and “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen” for free! Here are those direct links:

The Blood of the Land

The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen

These coupons will be valid until the end of this month, July 31st, and the promotion applies only on Smashwords itself. It does not extend out to the retailers I deploy to through their system.

If you’re a Smashwords user, the coupon codes I mention above are indeed valid site-wide for a great number of titles. There are also codes active for 25 percent off and 75 percent off, for participating titles. You can browse the list of participating titles right over here.

Please spread the word, and if you choose to check out my titles on Smashwords, I hope you enjoy the read!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood, Victory of the Hawk

Norwescon is IMMINENT so here, have some Smashwords coupons

Dara and I will be heading to Norwescon tomorrow! Yay!

Y’all will be able to find me at the NIWA table in the dealers’ room, where I and several other members of the group will be joining forces to sell our books. I’ll have print copies of both Faerie Blood AND Bone Walker, so if you’re local and you don’t have the books yet and you want ’em, this will be an excellent time to get copies!

I will also be selling copies of the Free Court of Seattle Soundtrack CD on Dara’s behalf, so if you really want to make a fell swoop of it, you’ll be able to get both books and the CD all at the same time!

ALSO: for the digitally inclined, I have activated two 20 percent off coupons you can use to buy both books from Smashwords in DRM-free format!

The coupon code for Faerie Blood is ZS73N, and you can spend it here.

Likewise, the coupon code for Bone Walker is TA27R, and you can spend it here.

These coupon codes will expire on Monday the 6th, so use ’em now while the using is good! And if you’ve got the books already, please share the word of these coupons far and wide. Thank you!


Speaking of Bone Walker: Dara has now provided me with the official PDF copy of the book. If you prefer to read your ebooks in PDF format, I will be happy to hand-sell this version of the book to you. Directly from me is currently the only way to get this format, so if you’d like a PDF copy (and you’re not one of the Kickstarter backers who already got one), talk to me! And see the Buying From Me page for details on how to pay me for it.


MEANWHILE: friendly reminder that Victory of the Hawk is REALLY FREGGIN’ NIGH. Monday the 6th is ALSO important because that’s Victory‘s release date!

AND: you can now preorder the book directly from Carina Press right over here. I do get slightly more royalties for books purchased directly from Carina. BUT, don’t let that stop you from buying from the vendor of your choice, either–basically, I want you to buy the book, so do please buy it in whatever way is easiest for you! 😉

All preorder links I’m currently aware of are on the official Victory of the Hawk page!


One more thing: in case you missed it, the Here Be Magic author group I’m in has been posting our snippets of flash fiction based on submitted words from readers! You can find mine, a brand new Warder universe scene, right over here. Clickie to see what words I got for the March Melange, and how I used them.

And go check the blog for other fun scenes as well!

This ends my Wednesday book promotional post. 🙂

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Updates to Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages!

FYI to all:

Since I am moving over to using Smashwords to deploy Faerie Blood and Bone Walker out to B&N, Kobo, and iBooks, this means the purchase links for the books at these locations are changing.

I have new viable links for both books at B&N and iBooks, and both of their pages have been updated accordingly. Kobo has a new working link for Bone Walker, but Faerie Blood‘s new link hasn’t shown up yet in their system; once it does, I’ll update the FB page with that, too.

All new links I have are now in place on the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages, and they’re added to my full Books page as well. But the most immediately useful ones are:

Faerie Blood:

Nook | iBooks

Bone Walker:

Nook | iBooks | Kobo

ALSO of paramount interest: since Smashwords does deploy out to Overdrive, OH HEY LOOK! Bone Walker is now actually on Overdrive, which means in theory it COULD actually show up in libraries! I’m not seeing it at the two Seattle library systems, but if Overdrive has it, that means libraries can get it. So if you’re a library fan, talk to your library and ask them if they might want to consider adding the book to their digital systems.

AND! This also means that I can take advantage of Overdrive’s pretty capabilities for reading ebook samples, like I did with Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter. I have accordingly added a link to read an excerpt of Bone Walker at Overdrive to the book’s page!

Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood live on Smashwords, and what that was like

To follow up on my last post about comparing the experiences of putting the book up on Amazon, B&N, and Apple, here’s the news that Faerie Blood is now live and for sale on Smashwords!

I was relieved that reformatting my manuscript for Smashword’s automatic conversion wasn’t nearly as much of a chore as I expected. It helped considerably that I always write in manuscript format anyway, and what styling I use is very simple indeed. I had to do only a few minimal changes that are easy to do for anyone familiar with Word. The Smashwords Style Guide was quite helpful with this, spelling out in extensive detail what the best practices are for manuscript formatting on their site.

Here’s the thing, though–if you want to deploy to Smashwords, be prepared for the output to be bare-bones, minimally styled, in order to maximize compatibility across all the formats and readers that Smashwords supports. Which means in turn that the EPUB, PDF, and MOBI versions you can download from Smashwords aren’t nearly as prettily styled as the ones I’ve deployed to my Kickstarter backers, or for that matter, that I’ve uploaded directly to the other sites for sale there. Now, I probably could have gotten a little fancier, and tried to make the Smashwords edition of the book closer to the versions on the other sites. But the Style Guide hammers home, over and over and over, how you don’t want to get too crazytalk with the styling or else their automated system will reject your book. So I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.

Overall I’d say that even if it means I have multiple sites to keep track off, I’m glad I did my own formatting for the Amazon, B&N, and Apple releases. And I suspect that once Kobo’s self-pub system goes live, I’ll take that site off the list on Smashwords–but we’ll see. Meanwhile, Smashwords should also be deploying me to Sony, Diesel, Baker & Taylor, and Page Foundry. The latter three of whom I had to look up, since I’d only vaguely heard of Diesel, and hadn’t heard of Baker & Taylor or Page Foundry at all. But I have to clear their review to get onto the other sites. So for now, I’m just on Smashwords itself.

More bulletins as events warrant!