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Main site back online; also, Rebels on sale!

Our power came back a short while ago, so that means my web server is back up again! And THAT means is once more reachable.

And I said this over on the post I put up on, but for those of you who didn’t see me post it there, or see my last post on Dreamwidth: the Rebels of Adalonia books are currently ON SALE for 99 cents each right now!

Since sale prices on the Rebels books are outside my control, I will NOT know when this price stops being active. So if you don’t already have these ebooks of mine, now is a real good time to get them. Or tell a friend if you know somebody who you think might like my writing! Please do spread the word, I need all the word of mouth I can get. Particularly since right now I don’t have a day job. Thank you in advance!

The Rebels books are available on all major ebook platforms, as well as directly from Harlequin, Carina Press’s parent company. All the links to buy the books are on the official Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk pages.

And do remember: the Rebels books are NOT standalone novels. You DO need to read all three of them for the complete story. But at 99 cents a pop, that’s still cheaper than most paperbacks!

Questions? Let me know!

Rebels of Adalonia

For those of you who have read Valor and Vengeance

I need to do a post on Here Be Magic tomorrow, so I’d like to do a roundup of random interesting worldbuilding trivia about the setting of Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter!

So if you’ve read either or both of the books, and you have questions about any aspect of the world, drop me a comment and I’ll include it in the post that’ll go up tomorrow on the Here Be Magic blog!

Rebels of Adalonia

Some notes on the setting of the Rebels of Adalonia books

I have been asked by a coworker of mine (who also happens to be a writer!) if I have a map available of Adalonia, the country where Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter are set. Short form answer: no. The only map of the country exists in my brain. I’d draw one, except I’m not that much of an artist!

However, I’ll talk a bit about the various important places in the setting, and my mental spatial sense of where everything is.

Adalonia: The main setting of the story. In general it’s situated in my brain on a very large peninsula of the continent it’s on, somewhat roughly analogous to the Iberian Peninsula in Europe.

Nirrivy: A currently non-existent country that was swallowed up by Adalonia a couple hundred years before the story. The territory formerly occupied by Nirrivy is now Adalonia’s western provinces.

Kilmerry Province: The largest of the western provinces that formerly made up Nirrivy. Kilmerry is where most of the action in the story takes place, although I’ll be moving a lot of the action eastward in Victory of the Hawk.

Shalridan: The capital city of Kilmerry Province and the former capital of Nirrivy. It’s on Kilmerry’s western coast and has open access to the ocean.

Camden: Smaller than Shalridan, but still large enough to be fairly important, Camden is where the Duke of Shalridan’s family have their primary residence. It’s 2-3 days ride roughly east of Shalridan, depending on how fast you’re moving.

Bremany: The estate of Kestar Vaarsen’s family and its attendant village. About a day and a half to two days’ ride roughly northeast-ish of Camden.

Arlitham: A small village east of Bremany, close to the eastern border of Kilmerry Province.

Dolmerrath: The last stronghold of the elves anywhere in Adalonia, situated pretty much as far northwest in Kilmerry Province as you can get before you hit water. Roughly three days’ ride north of Shalridan, two if you’re pushing it, and you can get up there faster if you go by boat.

Tantiulo: The other major country mentioned in the story, from which several of the characters in the cast hail. Tantiulo is on a continent south of the one that contains Adalonia and is only reachable by ocean voyage, there’s no overland route between the two countries. Relations between the two have been strained ever since the war that took place roughly twenty years before the start of Valor of the Healer.

Other things I know about the setting:

1) Elisiya, the long-lost homeland of the elves, was destroyed by Adalonia. Its territory is currently considered an Adalonian colony.

2) Vreyland, another country that exists in this world and which is passingly mentioned in Vengeance of the Hunter, will eventually be showing up in another book I have in progress, currently called Mirror’s Gate. Vreyland is a considerable distance to the northeast from Adalonia, and has a colder and harsher climate. When Adalonia wiped out Elisiya, quite a few of the elves fled in that direction rather than fleeing west, and Vreyland now has a considerable elven population. I will be referencing this in Victory of the Hawk.

And here’s a fun side note: Vreyland also has human mages. (Of course, if you’re following the trilogy, you know Tantiulo has at least one. >:D )

3) The world in general, at least in Adalonic, is called Khilann. There are other names for it in Tantiu, Elvish, and the other languages in play in the setting, but Khilann is how I think of it.

If anybody ever wants to draw me a map of the world of Khilann, I will totally make it available here on my site. And if anybody wants to know anything about what I know about the geography of the world, you have but to ask!

Rebels of Adalonia, Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter

Trilogy titles announcement!

With the agreement of myself, my agent, my editor, and the rest of the team at Carina Press, we now have final titles for my trilogy!

As of RIGHT NOW, the book formerly known as Lament of the Dove shall be henceforth referred to as Valor of the Healer!

Book 2, formerly Shadow of the Rook, becomes Vengeance of the Hunter.

Book 3, formerly Lone Hawk’s Flight, will be Victory of the Hawk.

And the series title over all will be Rebels of Adalonia.

I’m feeling quite happy about these titles over all, especially for Book 1, since that very nicely captures the whole character arc I’m doing with Faanshi in that part of the story. And I like the alliteration of the V and H words in each title.

I’ve been asked this on Google+, so I’ll go ahead and note here that the title changes were brought about for two reasons. One, because ‘Lament’ was determined to not really fit Faanshi’s character arc. This was in fact something that beta readers had brought up to me (and did I mention, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME LIKE THAT), so when Carina raised the issue, it wasn’t surprising to me at all. Two, because ‘Dove’ was thought to be kind of questionable for the fantasy market. This, too, wasn’t really surprising. I also had a beta reader note to me that they felt that ‘Lament of the Dove’ actually sounded like a Western! And on a related note, especially given that a lot of Carina’s buying audience is coming out of the romance genre, I could also see people thinking ‘Dove’ has connotations of inspiration romance–which is definitely not what I’m writing.

So! Valor of the Healer it is. I get to make appropriate changes in the copyedit pass I need to do this weekend! And y’all be on the lookout for this to get incorporated into info right here on my site as well as in upcoming announcements as they happen!