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Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

March 2018 Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale!

Norwescon is coming, so y’all know what that means: the March 2018 Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale! Both books are on sale for 99 cents each on all major ebook vendors, as well as on my Square store. I will also honor this price for anyone who wants to buy the books directly from me without going through a vendor.

This price applies until the end of the month, March 31st, to give Norwescon attendees plenty of time to get home from the con and look me up. It’ll also give the rest of you time to read samples, if you don’t already have the books!

The ebooks

As always, this price applies to all major ebook vendors, as well as to my Square store. See the individual Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages for all the places you can buy the titles.

Or, here is a list of the most important ones:

Faerie Blood:

Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play | Square

Bone Walker:

Bone Walker | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play | Square

The print editions

I’m trying to sell out of my current print editions, as I plan to do a new run of each book. If I have any left after the convention, I’ll waive shipping costs on any order, applicable to anywhere within the U.S. or Canada. (Overseas readers, shipping to you is prohibitively expensive, so I can’t do that. Sorry!)

Please spread the word, and talk to me if you have any questions!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

In honor of Norwescon, latest Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale!

Norwescon is next week and I’ll be there selling the print editions of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, as well as the Bone Walker soundtrack CD! And as I usually do when I’m going to be at a convention, the ebook editions of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker will ALSO be on sale. I’ve punted the prices down on each to 99 cents!

These prices will be in effect through the end of March, and apply to the major ebook vendors where I sell as well as to my Square marketplace. As always, here are the major places you can buy both books:

Faerie Blood: Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play | Square

Bone Walker: Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play | Square

If you choose to buy the book from the Square store, please note that there are two prices available on those pages, so choose the sale price! Also, if you want to buy from Kobo or B&N or iBooks, give it a day or two if you don’t see the 99 cent price point. It may take those sites a bit to catch up.

Please spread the word!


The Norwescon 2015 report, and what I learned running merch!

This year at Norwescon was a totally new experience for me, since I spent the vast majority of the convention attempting to sell stuff!

I got in a bit of a trial run with that last year, working with Brad and a couple other folks in NIWA to run our table then. This year I did that again, only this time I turned out to be one of the primary people working the table–because Lee French and I were the two at the table with actual Squares, so we were the ones ringing up transactions. Jake Elliot, Connie Johnson-Jasperson, and Madison Keller were also helping work the table, and we got in a pretty good groove going, engaging with folks. Luna Lindsey popped by periodically, but she was also on a lot of panels, so she was only able to check in every so often.

Here are a bunch of things I learned from that:

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Bone Walker, Faerie Blood, Victory of the Hawk

Norwescon is IMMINENT so here, have some Smashwords coupons

Dara and I will be heading to Norwescon tomorrow! Yay!

Y’all will be able to find me at the NIWA table in the dealers’ room, where I and several other members of the group will be joining forces to sell our books. I’ll have print copies of both Faerie Blood AND Bone Walker, so if you’re local and you don’t have the books yet and you want ’em, this will be an excellent time to get copies!

I will also be selling copies of the Free Court of Seattle Soundtrack CD on Dara’s behalf, so if you really want to make a fell swoop of it, you’ll be able to get both books and the CD all at the same time!

ALSO: for the digitally inclined, I have activated two 20 percent off coupons you can use to buy both books from Smashwords in DRM-free format!

The coupon code for Faerie Blood is ZS73N, and you can spend it here.

Likewise, the coupon code for Bone Walker is TA27R, and you can spend it here.

These coupon codes will expire on Monday the 6th, so use ’em now while the using is good! And if you’ve got the books already, please share the word of these coupons far and wide. Thank you!


Speaking of Bone Walker: Dara has now provided me with the official PDF copy of the book. If you prefer to read your ebooks in PDF format, I will be happy to hand-sell this version of the book to you. Directly from me is currently the only way to get this format, so if you’d like a PDF copy (and you’re not one of the Kickstarter backers who already got one), talk to me! And see the Buying From Me page for details on how to pay me for it.


MEANWHILE: friendly reminder that Victory of the Hawk is REALLY FREGGIN’ NIGH. Monday the 6th is ALSO important because that’s Victory‘s release date!

AND: you can now preorder the book directly from Carina Press right over here. I do get slightly more royalties for books purchased directly from Carina. BUT, don’t let that stop you from buying from the vendor of your choice, either–basically, I want you to buy the book, so do please buy it in whatever way is easiest for you! 😉

All preorder links I’m currently aware of are on the official Victory of the Hawk page!


One more thing: in case you missed it, the Here Be Magic author group I’m in has been posting our snippets of flash fiction based on submitted words from readers! You can find mine, a brand new Warder universe scene, right over here. Clickie to see what words I got for the March Melange, and how I used them.

And go check the blog for other fun scenes as well!

This ends my Wednesday book promotional post. 🙂


Dara and I are on Seattle Geekly!

This past weekend Dara and I got to hang out with Matt and Shannon of the Seattle Geekly podcast–and we got interviewed for their latest episode, #248!

We’re a little sad that this is in fact the last episode that Matt and Shannon will be doing for a while, since they need to stand down from podcasting to take care of other ongoing life goals–but we’re honored to be in their closing episode, and we very much enjoyed talking to them. I’d never been on a podcast before, so wasn’t sure how it was going to work. But we all sat around a table with headphones on, chatting into microphones. It was fun!

Things I talk about: Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, my goals with the diversity of the cast (both in race and in sexual orientation), my familiarity with Seattle despite not actually being FROM here, and how Elvis and Great Big Sea are both huge musical influences on the storyline.

Things Dara talks about: the history of the bouzouki, how the Bone Walker soundtrack started as a Kickstarter stretch goal and then turned into a monster of epic proportions, hints of future plot points to be glimpsed in “Anarchy Now”, and things to look forward to on the Norwescon music track this year.

Go give it a listen, won’t you? And many thanks to Matt and Shannon for having us! I particularly enjoyed meeting their cats, and was deeply charmed that their big orange one is named after Ben Grimm. 😀

Faerie Blood

A rare Faerie Blood sighting

Dara and I went to Norwescon a few weeks ago, of course, and I didn’t get to post much about what happened there since the con fell in the middle of my being ill. I didn’t do much at the con except rest and periodically do stints at the NIWA table in the dealers’ room.

But since I was in fact at the NIWA table, and paid my share of the table fee, that meant I was able to actually have copies of Faerie Blood on sale! I didn’t sell many, just one each of my paperbacks and ebook CDs. Still, this was a moment I had to capture in a picture. Those of you who follow me on the social networks may have seen this pic already, but I wanted to post about it here too!

Faerie Blood on Sale at Norwescon

Faerie Blood on Sale at Norwescon

Some of y’all may see Faerie Blood in dealers’ rooms at future PNW cons, since I gave the NIWA treasurer, Brad Wheeler, custody of three of my paperbacks and three of my CDs so that he could take them to other events and sell them on my behalf. So if you happen to go to a con in Washington or Oregon that I can’t get to, tell me if you see the book!

Other People's Books

An I have no brain but I do have new books book roundup

Acquired in print from Norwescon:

  • Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Novelization, by A.C.H. Smith. This is a special hardback re-release of the original novelization of the movie, with illustrations by Brian Froud. To which I went, WANT, so yeah.
  • The Wild Girls, by Ursula K. Le Guin; The Science of Herself, by Karen Joy Fowler; and Report from Planet Midnight, by Nalo Hopkinson. Bought from PM Press in their Outspoken Authors series.
  • The Warrior Who Carried Life, by Geoff Ryman. This was a freebie in the Norwescon swag bags.
  • The Second Ship, by Richard Phillips. Another freebie from Norwescon swag.

Acquired in ebook form from B&N:

  • Luna: La vengeance des elfes noirs, by Élodie Tirel. Book 2 of her Luna series, picked up since I finally made it through book one. More reading in French, woo!
  • Fugitives from Earth, by Brad Wheeler. SF. I’ve got this in trade already from fellow NIWA member Brad Wheeler, but I grabbed the ebook too now that I’ve met Brad–and having it in ebook will bump up the likelihood that I’ll read it faster.
  • An Eighty Percent Solution, by Thomas Gondolfi. SF with some magic involved, grabbed because I chatted with the author at Norwescon and it was fun to basically go ‘okay, tell me about your book’!
  • Thomas Riley, by Nick Valentino. Steampunk. Another Norwescon-inspired purchase, from talking directly to the author.
  • Insomnium, by Zachary Bonelli. Alternate-universe SF, and my third Norwescon-inspired purchase, following chatting with the author along the indie tables outside the dealers’ room.
  • Other Systems, by Elizabeth Guizzetti. Again, SF, and the last of my Norwescon-inspired purchases.

Acquired in ebook from Kobo:

  • Valour and Vanity, by Mary Robinette Kowal. Pre-ordered, the latest in her Glamourist series.

And last but not least, acquired in print from B&N:

  • William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope, and William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: The Empire Striketh Back, by Ian Doescher. Pretty much what it says on the tin, here–these are the author’s adaptations of the stories of the original Star Wars trilogy into Shakespearean-style play format. And I’ve already read ’em at this point and can attest that they’re quite delightful! Very much looking forward to The Jedi Doth Return now, coming out later this summer.

52 for the year.