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Boosting the Signal: Asylum, by Various Authors, Post No. 1

Normally I run Boosting the Signal posts on Fridays when I have them to run. But since I’m a member of NIWA, and NIWA does a yearly anthology, I’m running a special feature week to highlight the 2015 NIWA anthology! It’s called Asylum, and features stories by both NIWA and non-NIWA authors, all along the theme of the anthology title. Today’s Boosting the Signal post features a piece from Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins to highlight their story “Bedlam Asylum”. Of this story, Jeffrey says that it’s set one month after their novel Foul is Fair, and it’s a strategic analysis of the emotional needs of disabled pixie Ashling. And as you might guess, Ashling’s goal is pretty much what the anthology says on the tin: asylum.




Humans mistake pixies for butterflies and sprites for moths. Pixies travel and work in glimmers; sprites, in murmurs.

Pixie magic focuses on locations, and sprite magic focuses on events, but the important thing is that it’s always done together.

Ashling’s wings were torn years ago. She relies on a service crow just to fly at all. Her glimmer left her behind a long time ago. She’s worked mostly alone with her crow, or with people fifty times her size. She says she’s fine. She’s lying. Who knows if her friends can tell, but any pixie or sprite could.

An outcast sprite and an outcast pixie will understand each other in ways a half-human sidhe princess and a half-menehune will never fathom, no matter how good of friends they all are.

But Ashling is friends with the princess. The princess whose little clique in Seattle is safely off-limits from Faerie conflict for the rest of the season.

Ashling needs not to be alone anymore, and that’s all the ‘in’ a sprite looking to be granted asylum could ask for.


Buy the Book: Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback) | Kobo

Follow Jeffrey Cook On: Official Site | Dawn of Steam Trilogy Facebook Page | Facebook | Twitter

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Boosting the Signal

Special Boosting the Signal announcement!

As y’all know, Boosting the Signal posts usually run on Fridays (when I have them to run). However, next week I will be running one every weekday, because I want to give some special love to this year’s NIWA anthology!

The anthology is called Asylum, and it features stories by both NIWA and non-NIWA authors. I’m not in it, but since I am a NIWA member, I’m helping out by doing that signal-boosting thing. If you like short fiction, I hope you’ll come check out the posts I’ll be running, and that you’ll consider snarfing up a copy of the anthology for your reading.

Meanwhile: stick around for today’s Boosting the Signal post, which is imminent!


Going to Worldcon! Will I see you there?

For those of you who haven’t already seen me posting about this on the social networks, tomorrow Dara and I head out to Spokane for this year’s Worldcon: Sasquan!

I plan to be spending a good chunk of my time helping staff the NIWA booth in the dealers’ room, so I will be easy to find. I’ll have plenty of copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker with me, as well as copies of the Bone Walker Soundtrack! Look for me there if you’ll also be at the convention. I’ll even have posters of the Bone Walker cover art for anybody who might happen to want one, so you have reason to track me down even if you already have the books!

And here’s hoping there will be minimal drama all around, yes? Yes.

OH YES and don’t forget: Faerie Blood and Bone Walker remain on sale for 99 cents each for the duration of the convention, and three days afterward as well to give folks time to pick up the book if they talk to me at the con!


Oh hey I forgot about this post ebook roundup

Deadly Strain

Deadly Strain

This post has been sitting in my Drafts list the whole time I was at Fiddle Tunes. Oops! Here are some recent ebook acquisitions I’ve made, anyway!

From Amazon:

Ghost Hand, by Ripley Patton. Urban Fantasy. Picked this up because Ripley is a fellow NIWA author, and she was handing out her book for free over the Kindle for a bit.

From Carina Press by way of Boosting the Signal:

Deadly Strain, by Julie Rowe. Romantic Suspense. Got this because Julie was kind enough to send me a copy when I featured her on Boosting the Signal!

And from Kobo, because I had some credit to spend:

Two Serpents Rise, by Max Gladstone. Fantasy. Gotten because this is book 2 in his Craft Sequence series and I very much liked book 1.

“The Deepest Rift” and “The Litany of Earth”, by Ruthanna Emrys. Two of her original short works that have been published on Grabbed ’em because I’ve already read “The Litany of Earth” and very much liked it, so wanted a copy for my library.

40 for the year.

Boosting the Signal

Boosting the Signal: Goody Hepzibah’s Harvest Tales, by April Bullard

Today’s second Boosting the Signal feature is for fellow NIWA member April Bullard! April’s bringing me a first–I’ve done anthologies on Boosting the Signal before, but this is the first time I’ve done one targeted for young readers! And this is also the first time I’ve had a work submitted to Boosting the Signal that includes illustrations, as well! April’s stories are intended for readers age 7 and up, and her Goody Hepzibah, presented as the originator of these stories, has a very simple goal with them: teaching. Give Goody Hepzibah a listen, won’t you? AND, April adds to me that there are a couple hidden codes to find and decipher in the book, plus lots of extras to discover in the illustrations! Since she was kind enough to send me some of the illustrations, I’m including those in this post.


Goody Hepzibah's Harvest Tales

Goody Hepzibah’s Harvest Tales

My name is Goody Hepzibah and I have to confess. I’ve always loved a good story, especially if someone is reciting the story and better yet, if we are around a campfire or fireplace in the dark, and even better if the story rhymes! I decided to create a collection of my own poems and tales, and here is how I do it.

First take the familiar nursery rhyme or tale and set it in colonial or Revolutionary America or the best historic era for the poem. I use my own family history and old town records to flesh out the characters and situations. Let the characters do exactly what the old rhyme says. Filter those actions through Goody Hepzibah’s Rules to Live By. When the rules are broken severe consequences come crashing down without reprieve or excuses. It surprises me how many little ditties become real horror stories!

Just to be clear, here are Goody Hepzibah’s Rules to Live By:

Two simple rules are all I need
To deal with any race or creed:
I will not lie and I will not steal.
Trustworthy honor this will reveal.
When others do not abide by these rules
I leave them alone and ignore them as fools.

The next little word I chose to live by
Is the word “safe” and each letter tells why.
S is for Sound: home, body and mind.
A for Access, things easy to find.
F for all Flames, severely controlled.
E means exclusive, for those my love hold.

I may look like a harmless, old lady, but these are not your typical, sweet grandmother’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales. You have been warned.


Buy the Book (all links for print edition): CreateSpace | Amazon | Vintage Books | Jacobsen’s Books | Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters | Another Read Through | St. Johns Booksellers

Follow the Author On: Official Site | Goody Hepzibah on Facebook


Special 99 cent NIWA book sale roundup

Girls Can't Be Knights

Girls Can’t Be Knights

A bunch of other NIWA authors and I are selling ebooks for 99 cents all weekend, until Monday! You can see all the participating titles at this Facebook event, including my own Faerie Blood.

And to participate as a buyer as well as a seller, I’ve scarfed a bunch of these titles myself. I got them all from Amazon for once, since we’re a bunch of no-DRM-selling authors, and that’s one of the circumstances under which I’ll actually buy ebooks from Amazon. Behold the roundup!

  • Toy Wars, by Thomas Gondolfi. Described as ‘science fantasy of inter-toy warfare’, and this seems like the silly sort of thing I’d like to read sometimes. I’ve seen Thomas at Norwescon. He has pretty awesome huge teddy bears at his booth, and you should look for him!
  • The Witches of Dark Root and The Magick of Dark Root, by April Aasheim. Paranormal fantasy with witches.
  • Core of Confliction, by Maquel Jacob. SF along the lines of “holy crap I’m the leader of a nearly extinct race”.
  • Girls Can’t Be Knights, by Lee French. Urban fantasy. Featured just yesterday on Boosting the Signal! And while we’re on the topic of Lee French, I also grabbed her Dragons in Pieces and The Fallen.
  • Huw the Bard, by Connie J. Jasperson. Medieval fantasy in which a young man has to run from the assassins who’ve killed his father. Also grabbed her Tales from the Dreamtime, a set of novellas billing themselves as “Three Modern Fairytales”.
  • Awake: Finding Dad, by James M. McCracken. SF in which humanity tries to give the Earth time to replenish itself by putting everybody in suspended animation. But of course, this doesn’t go well for everyone…
  • At One’s Beast, by Rachel Bernard. Fantasy, centering around a yearly sacrifice to a beast in a forest–and what happens when the sacrifice doesn’t go as planned. Also got Bernard’s Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams, YA SF featuring a young heroine in a futuristic military academy.
  • Flower’s Fang, by Madison Keller. Fantasy, in which the hero is a member of a magical race, and the only one who doesn’t have magic.
  • Nouveau Haitiah, by Donald McEwing. SF, though I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, even based on reading the blurb on the Amazon page! Guess I’ll find out!
  • Masks, by E.M. Prazeman. Book 1 of her Lord Jester’s Legacy series, historical-flavored fantasy with the promise of a lot of political intrigue.

Total of 15 scarfed for this sale, which puts me at 35 for the year.

Faerie Blood

Stuff on sale! Faerie Blood! Bone Walker Soundtrack! Other NIWA titles!

So a bunch of us in NIWA thought, hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if we banded together and put several of our books on sale for 99 cents? We are doing exactly that.

Me, I’ve put Faerie Blood on sale for 99 cents for the entire month of June in honor of this, and also because I CAN. This price will be valid until the end of the month. As always, all of the official links to buy this book are on the Faerie Blood page!

HOWEVER: several other NIWA-author titles will ALSO be on sale for 99 cents, for a narrower window of time, from the 12th until the 15th! We have a Facebook event describing this and which titles are participating! (If you’re not on Facebook, worry not–this is a publicly readable event so you should still be able to see the book list even if you’re not a Facebook user.) So keep an eye on that link, because more titles are getting added to it over the next several days. Be poised with your wallets to snap up all these nifty deals on the 12th, won’t you?

And in the meantime, Dara’s also jumped in on this tasty sale action. She’s set up a discount download code of “niwa” for anybody who’d like to snag a digital download of the Bone Walker soundtrack for 40 percent off! And as always, the soundtrack can be scarfed directly from Bandcamp.

ALSO! Although this is not actually part of the sale, don’t forget, the short story “The Blood of the Land” is also available for pennies. If you go to Smashwords, you can grab it for any price YOU choose, including free. Everywhere else, it’s 99 cents, and that will be the story’s permanent official price.

Spread the word, everybody!