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Nanowrimo 2017: Let’s try this again shall we?

Last year the election shot my Nanowrimo run into a thousand pieces, and my ability to write anything this entire year hasn’t done too well either.

But I do know this: when I did Camp Nanowrimo in July, that did let me make some progress on the long-overdue novellas. So I’ll be taking a crack at Nanowrimo this year, in the hopes of FINALLY finishing those things off.

What’s in the book

As of this writing, the Warder universe novella collection Walk the Wards stands at 38,507 words. And as a reminder, this collection will contain the following stories:

“A Power in the Blood”: In which a psychic must help the new Warder of Providence, Rhode Island solve the murder of his sister.

“The Deepest Breath of Song”: In which a shy young musician must help his town’s Warder protect migrating sea creatures from being hunted and killed.

“The Plight of the Warder’s Daughter”: Caitlin Hallett, daughter of the Warder of St. John’s, wants to see the world before she commits to a city. But her father Thomas is ill and his ability to guard St. John’s may already be failing. How will Caitlin choose between her ambition and her love for her city and her father? And how will a visiting son of the Warders of Quebec–les Gardiens–help her decide?

As of yet untitled: The tale of what happens to Jude Lawrence when she goes to Faerie to try to find her missing friend Kendis Thompson. This story is set during Bone Walker, Book 2 of The Free Court of Seattle.

“Diminuendo”: Kendis Thompson discovers that magic can’t help when her cat Fortissimo is suddenly, violently ill.

If I can do a decent Nanowrimo run this month, that should move me a lot closer to getting this book ready to go. We’ll see what happens. Wish me luck, folks! And if you’re diving into the Nanowrimo fun as well, hey, feel free to buddy up with me on the Nano site. As with many places, I’m ‘annathepiper’ there.

Let this be the hour when we write words together. Fell prose awakes. Now for plots, now for pacing, and the red dawn of OH GOD I CAN’T GO TO BED YET I HAVEN’T HIT MY WORD COUNT. Forth Eorlingas!