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Upcoming author appearances for Anna!

What, wait, author appearances? Anna does that? Anna does, in fact, DO THAT! If opportunities arise!

I will be participating in the online writers’ convention CoyoteCon this weekend. Right now I’m slated for the Kickstarter & Crowdfunding panel on Sunday the 28th, and I’m the only one on the panel! So if you’re curious about the whole crowdfunding thing, or you have experience to share, come by and say hi and we’ll chat about it!

Meanwhile, I’m showing up for the local Sherlock Seattle convention the first weekend of November, run by none other than the fantabulous userinfomamishka! I’m attending more in my capacity of ‘fan of Sherlockian fiction’ rather than my capacity as ‘writer’, but nonetheless, I will be there. And I’ll be on panels and everything. If you’re showing up, look for me, and we’ll yak about all things Holmes!


Who’s going to Norwescon?

I am now cleared for time off to attend Norwescon! And I’m taking the Thursday AND Friday, so I’ll be there for the entire convention! Aside from playing backup guitar for userinfosolarbird, my plans are relaxed and groovy. Being as I am an urban fantasy author and all, I’ll likely be findable attending various urban-fantasy-themed panels. Since I’m bringing the General, I’ll also try to attend at least SOME filk.

I’ll be bringing a handful of my Faerie Blood business cards to leave on the freebie rack, and in case anybody actually wants to buy one, I’ll have my small set of Faerie Blood CDs as well.

So if you’re going to be there and you’re interested in meeting up for a meal of some sort or joint attendance of panels or something, let me know!


Random Publicity Week

Author Darcy Pattison had a lovely idea, or so I learned on the Twitternets: Random Publicity Week, encouraging all of us to take the time to do that Goodreads or Amazon or B&N review to support books by our friends and fellow authors. You know how this works: you’ve been swearing up and down you’d do that, right? Now is your chance! From today until the 10th, I encourage you all to commit random acts of publicity to support other people’s books that you love!

Today, I’m going to take the time to plug a post by J.C. Hutchins, the author of 7th Son, who in turn plugged a novel that has come to life under bittersweet circumstances. He posts very eloquently over here about his close friend Zellie Blake, a young woman who’s recently lost a fight with cancer. Her friends have pooled resources to publish her novel Lightning Strikes via Lulu, to raise money for cancer research.

As many of you know, I’ve gone a few rounds with cancer myself. So this is a random act of publicity that’s actually a little less random for me personally, and more, well, y’know, meaningful. So go check out Mr. Hutchins’ post, and if you’re moved to do so, consider buying the book. Cancer fighters like me will appreciate it very much.

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Saturday’s reading

Although my foray into Great Big Sea video fandom did not go as hoped, I can say that Saturday’s reading at the Wayward did go quite swimmingly!

I was horribly nervous, enough that when I got up to do my bit from Chapter 1, I could feel my knees loosen–and when I got done and back to my seat, my hands were shaking as I tweeted about it. userinfosolarbird says I read a bit too fast, but on the other hand, that actually kind of helped since I’m fairly verbose in style. Reading quickly helped offset that.

I was pleased, too, to note that I got giggles where I wanted them, and no giggles where I shouldn’t have. userinfojennifer_brozek kindly told me later that she enjoyed my reading, and I sold a total of four of the CD copies I’d made of the book, out of the 12 that I’d made Saturday afternoon. (One of them went to userinfotechnoshaman, finally buying a copy of the book; thanks Glenn!)

Also, I must note that I quite enjoyed several of the other stories read. userinfocatrambo had a nice one about a woman who discovers that her coffeemaker is not only sentient, it’s also neurotic, and Nate Crowder actually opened AND closed the proceedings, with two different stories. I liked his superhero one, the one with which he closed the reading. userinfokehrli read two short ones, one of which was quite moving from a genderqueer perspective; props for that. And Ms. Brozek quite aptly demonstrated that, yeah, the phrase “zombie erotica” is every bit as disturbing as you’d expect. 😉

On the whole it was a very enjoyable evening and I was very happy to get the chance to participate. And if anyone new happens by who was at the reading, I hope you enjoyed my contribution!

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More about my reading this weekend

Courtesy of userinfojennifer_brozek, here’s the official word on this weekend’s event at the Wayward:

An Evening of Authors, Wayward Coffeehouse, August 21, 7-10pm.
Hosted by Jennifer Brozek and Nate Crowder. Come to an evening of authors and good coffee at Wayward Coffeehouse. We will be reading from recent and forthcoming releases, answering questions and generally having a good time. Come one, come all and enjoy an evening with your local authors. Find out what’s next. Authors include: Cat Rambo, Rosemary Jones, Keffy R. M. Kehrli, Alma Alexander, Nate Crowder, Jeremy Zimmerman, R. Schuyler Devin, Leah Cutter, Sunder Cameron Addams and Angela Korra’ti.

I’ll be aiming for reading an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Faerie Blood–since the whole chapter is too long to fit into a 10-minute block, I’ll be starting partway in. And geez, check out the lineup of all the other folks who’ll be there! Especially Alma Alexander. I’m thrilled to be in such august company!

I realize this won’t be nearly so overtly exciting as shows from the local filk crowd, but hey, the Wayward is awesome, and I’m hoping to find several new interesting things to read! Not to mention getting a chance to say hi to not only local authors, but local readers as well. I hope to see a few of you there!

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My very first author reading!

Whoa! Check out the lineup for the reading scheduled at the Wayward Coffeehouse on 8/21!

See that name at the end of that list? That would be me.

This is a gathering of Seattle-area authors arranged by , and big thanks go out to her for letting me in on the action. Also, to userinfovixyish for the initial heads up that pointed me in that direction!

Gosh. So, um, yeah, I guess I better figure out what exactly I’ll be reading. Come listen! I’ll arrange with my editor to bring a few copies of my book on CD so I can hand-sell them–and remember, y’all, I am an e-pubbed author, so so far only digital versions will be what I have available.




Seattle-area authors/publishing types, know about this?

Any of you have any experience with Northwest Bookfest, which I’m given to understand keeled over in 2003? I ask since pointed me at this article, describing rumblings about resurrecting it in 2010, as well as an attempt to do an unrelated event in 2009 by a gentleman who is calling back to the whole Bookfest thing.

I notice a distinct lack of SF/F-oriented names in the article, but I don’t know if that was part of the original Bookfest. Can anybody fill me in?