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Saturday’s reading

Although my foray into Great Big Sea video fandom did not go as hoped, I can say that Saturday’s reading at the Wayward did go quite swimmingly!

I was horribly nervous, enough that when I got up to do my bit from Chapter 1, I could feel my knees loosen–and when I got done and back to my seat, my hands were shaking as I tweeted about it. userinfosolarbird says I read a bit too fast, but on the other hand, that actually kind of helped since I’m fairly verbose in style. Reading quickly helped offset that.

I was pleased, too, to note that I got giggles where I wanted them, and no giggles where I shouldn’t have. userinfojennifer_brozek kindly told me later that she enjoyed my reading, and I sold a total of four of the CD copies I’d made of the book, out of the 12 that I’d made Saturday afternoon. (One of them went to userinfotechnoshaman, finally buying a copy of the book; thanks Glenn!)

Also, I must note that I quite enjoyed several of the other stories read. userinfocatrambo had a nice one about a woman who discovers that her coffeemaker is not only sentient, it’s also neurotic, and Nate Crowder actually opened AND closed the proceedings, with two different stories. I liked his superhero one, the one with which he closed the reading. userinfokehrli read two short ones, one of which was quite moving from a genderqueer perspective; props for that. And Ms. Brozek quite aptly demonstrated that, yeah, the phrase “zombie erotica” is every bit as disturbing as you’d expect. 😉

On the whole it was a very enjoyable evening and I was very happy to get the chance to participate. And if anyone new happens by who was at the reading, I hope you enjoyed my contribution!

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