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Announcements! The winner is…

Announcement the first: It has come to my attention that a shiny new release by Seattle author , Battle of the Network Zombies, is being given away on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s ebook sites. So if you’re a Kindle or Nook owner, you might want to scamper over to your site of choice and grab this third installment of the Amanda Feral series! Then, if you really like it, go buy the print version. Because Seattle authors are awesome that way.

Announcement the second: Drollerie is participating in an auction for diabetes, being held by romantic suspense author Brenda Novak. Lots of tasty goodies are being put up for bid, stuff that should appeal to writers and readers alike, and it’s all for a good cause. If you’re interested in supporting this worthy endeavor, you can find out more over here. And if you want to see what Drollerie editor is putting up for bid, you can look here and here.

And last but most assuredly not least, announcement the third:

The winner of the What Should Anna Name Her Nook? poll is NOOKRONOMICON!

This means JGS is the winner of the poll! And since he elected to share his prize with Stickmaker, since Stickmaker built on his idea for the winning name, that means it’s a two-way prize split! Gentlemen, you may each have one of the previous listed prizes:

  • Free electronic copies of both Faerie Blood and Defiance in the format of your choice
  • A free print copy of anything Drollerie currently has in print
  • A $25 gift certificate to the Drollerie Press bookstore

Please to contact me through appropriate channels to let me know what your choice is, and appropriate contact data to which to send your prize! Thanks all for participating!

Drollerie Press

Update on blog tour/blog exchange

Hey folks, just to followup on my earlier post seeking authors for a blog tour/blog exchange, I just wanted to get the word out that I’m going to go ahead and work with the folks who’ve signed up on the mailing list I’ve set up. So that’ll be round 1 of these efforts. If you’re not already signed up, and you’re still interested, fret not! I’ll be taking more interested names for February’s round!

Drollerie Press

Seeking authors for blog post exchanges

Those of you out there who’ve been with me a while will know I’ve been hosting the semi-regular Drollerie Press blog tours. My fellow Drollerie authors and I have had some fun doing these, but in 2010, we’re seeking to expand the scope of our efforts. We’d love to find some non-Drollerie authors with whom we could do blog post exchanges. So far our little tours have been monthly (although we’ve canceled a couple of times for various reasons), but the interval in question would be negotiable depending on how many authors wanted to get involved and what their commitments would be like.

We are of course writing in a mix of genres at Drollerie: urban fantasy, romance, SF, horror, etc., and we’re predominantly in electronic form, although a few of us have our work available in print as well. Ideally I’d like to find other authors who are e-pubbed and/or who share our genres, but print-based authors are of course very welcome as well.

Drollerie of course lives here, and if you’d like to check out an example of one of our recent blog tours, check out the December master post I put up on Drollerie’s main blog. If you’re a writer reading this and you might be interested in setting up an exchange of posts, let me know! Drop me a comment, message me on LJ or DW, fling me email, whatever works. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Right then, holiday is over and the new year has begun

I know I keep saying this, but let’s see if I can hold to it for a while now that the new year is under way, eh?

Back into Bone Walker tonight, with Chapter 7 underway. I’ve got me a Kendis with a head full of stuff she’d really rather not have to be dealing with all at the same time, and a bit about how the magic of Warding a city works, and a bit of Seattle geography all touched upon in the five hundred words I’ve written tonight. This felt good. Let’s see if I can do it again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in case y’all haven’t seen it yet, we’re handing out free downloads of my story “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen” right over here for the 11th day of Drollerie Christmas! I know, I’m already handing it out for free here, but said such nice things about the story that I really just sort of have to go “aw”. *^_^*;;

And oh yeah, did y’all see the new poll I have up in the sidebar? (Go here for those of you who are reading this from LJ or DW.)

Written tonight: 508
Chapter 7 total: 508
Bone Walker total (first draft): 17,242

Drollerie Press, Faerie Blood

Drollerie Press giveaway, and also, a bit of sales data!

So over at Drollerie Press we’re in the middle of a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, featuring several free downloads by a lot of us DP authors–and which will culminate in the giveaway of a free ebook reader a bunch of us are chipping in for! It’s a jetBook Lite, and you can find out more about it and the giveaway in general here. Skim all the site’s recent entries for the downloads available so far!

Meanwhile, I’ve finally gotten a bit of sales data from my editor , who informs me that during 3rd Quarter 2009, I sold 148 copies at Fictionwise! This means I now have 165 confirmed sales so far–and this isn’t counting anything from Mobipocket or Amazon or other sites, not to mention Drollerie’s own store during that period. So when the royalty statement finally shows up, I’m hopeful it’ll have some interesting numbers indeed.

For the home audience–this means that by very rough estimation, I’d be getting somewhere in the vicinity of $375 for these confirmed sales. And if I can confirm another 335 or so, this gets me into the territory of Anna Can Buy a New Guitar. Y’all want me to have one of these lovely things, don’t you? 😉

Well, if you’ve bought Faerie Blood, this is exactly what you’ll be contributing to, and I have not forgotten my pledge in the earliest days of this blog of mine that if I do get that guitar, I will totally post video of myself playing it. And I’ll very likely also do another poll and giveaway, because let’s face it, folks, this will be a guitar you all helped me buy. Which means you totally should have a shot at helping me name it.

Ultimately, though, the really important thing to note here is that holy crap 165 of you out there have bought my book. I really hope you’re all enjoying it! And I thank you for your support.

Drollerie Press

Special bonus Drollerie Blog tour post: Elisa Diehl!

One of my fellow Drollerie authors, Meredith Holmes, unfortunately was in the hospital this week with a pulmonary embolism. So she was unable to participate in the Blog Tour this time around, and since she was scheduled to host Elisa Diehl, I’m going to take care of hosting Elisa’s post instead. Check it out, folks!

And also, stop by Meredith’s place and wish her well. ‘Cause hospitals are never fun, especially this close to Christmas.

Take it away, Elisa!

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