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Periodic reminder post: best ways to buy my indie titles

I’ve had a friend and reader contact me about buying print copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, and in the process of this, she wanted to specifically know how best to buy books from me to get me the maximum amount of money. So since I periodically do get asked about this, here’s a reminder post!

If you want the print copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker

Your only option for getting those books is pretty much “buy them from me”. The best way to maximize the amount of money I get for them is to buy them from me in person, which will have the added bonus of getting you a discount on the price. You won’t have to pay for shipping, AND I knock a couple bucks off the price when I sell the books in person.

I show up at Seattle-area conventions at least three or four times a year, and it’s a safe bet that if I’m at a con, I WILL have books with me to sell. I’ve been working tables with fellow authors in dealers’ rooms at cons a lot the last couple years, so your chances are good at finding me doing that. But even if I’m not working a table, if you want to drop me a line and say “HEY ANNA! I’m going to be at the next Orycon/Norwescon/etc., can you bring me a couple books so I can buy them from you?”, I will be delighted to do that.

I will usually publicize my convention attending a few months in advance, so watch this blog or my social media accounts for updates on where to find me.

I can also usually be found at Quebecois trad music events in the Seattle area, and sometimes in BC as well. So if you know you’ll see me at oh, say, a forthcoming Le Vent du Nord concert, or the next Festival du Bois, or whatever, same thing applies: make arrangements with me and I’ll be happy to bring you a book or two.

If you’re NOT likely to see me in person any time soon, order print books from me. This will mean the books will be slightly more expensive, yes, because shipping. But this will also mean that you have a few more options as to how to pay me.

If you are in the US, you can use my Square store. Note that I do include a print bundle on the Square store which will get you a bit of a discount if you buy Faerie Blood and Bone Walker together.

If you are NOT in the US, you should use the Bandcamp pages Dara set up for the books, which are here for Faerie Blood and here for Bone Walker.

Note that both Square and Bandcamp will take cuts of the sales, but on the other hand, you can also use credit cards on both of those sites, which gives you more ways by which to pay me.

If you want to maximize the amount of money I get, though, you can just also Paypal me the money. Also, if you’re in Canada, I can take payments by Interac since Dara and I maintain a Canadian bank account (since we’re up there a lot). Talk to me to make arrangements for either of these.

If you want ebook copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker

As with the print copies, buying directly from me WILL mean I get a little bit more money. My indie ebooks are listed on my Square store, so you can go there to order those books from me, with the added bonus of specifying what format of book you want. (This is the best way to, say, get the PDFs of the two books if you happen to like PDFs. And also: note that my short stories are also available on the Square store.)

And, you can also Paypal me or Interac me as with the print books.

However, let me also note that if you are a digital reader, and you happen to read most of your books via a particular ebook system, I am also totally cool with you buying my titles via whatever system you usually use to get your ebooks. If you’re a Kindle person, by all means, buy ’em via Amazon. If you’re an Apple person, get ’em on iBooks. Or if you’re an Android user, I AM on Google Play.

And while those sites will take their cuts of my sales, it’s also useful to have sales on those sites as well–because it makes the books a bit more visible, and raises the chances of their being seen by other readers who might also want them. And that is also a valuable thing for an indie author like myself.

For more data, you can also always check my FAQ and the Buying From Me page. And you’re always welcome to Contact me if you have any questions!

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